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KC Building Supply: New Focus on Staircase Design

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The staircase in your home is vital to your family because it allows members to travel between levels, giving access to basements, main floors or bedrooms with ease and safety. It can also be one of the first things guests see when they walk through the front door. If you’re thinking about making the most of this important decorating facet, check with the staff at Kansas City Building Supply. They’ll help ensure your project stays moving “up and down” in a productive way.

It’s Your Design Choice
“When it comes to the interior, we can help you with anything you want to do with your stairs by offering every kind of wood, metal, baluster, cabling, rail and hardware product, that accepts glass, and wood and metal newels, except custom welded ironwork,” stated Jay Waldenmeyer, owner, Kansas City Building Supply. “Pretty much anything you want to design for a stair system, we carry the products to fit that application. At Kansas City Building Supply, we feature many different looks from contemporary to traditional to everything in between. We even offer an outdoor aluminum rail system for decks, patios, walkways and exteriors. In fact, we have a piece of equipment that can manufacture the exact system you need for your application.”

At Kansas City Building Supply, southwest corner of 75th Street and I-35, experienced staff guide you through this process. The facility has served KC-metro general contractors, retail consumers and remodeling contractors for nearly three decades. The commercial and residential business features a 4,000-square-foot showroom and 115,000-square-foot warehouse, filled with the latest building products. The broad range of products allows you to pick from entry-level offerings to premium designer products and those in between. You’ll find quality brands and welcoming price points for nearly any budget.

New and Remodel
“Customers will come to us for new construction, which is a blank slate, and we’ll help them build the system they want. We can also assist retrofit and remodeling applications that might include replacing the wood spindles with metal,” shared Jay. “We offer advice in terms of system, design and building code compliance as well, while staying within your budget.”

The options available to customers for stair systems has grown exponentially. Jay suggests you make a visual comparison of the styles you see. “Go to model homes and remodeling shows. Visit Pinterest and Houzz, get an idea of what you like and then narrow it down,” he advised. “When you have that, we can work on pursuing what it would take to achieve that look in your home, while giving you a budget to work with as well. We’ll also work with you to come up with a style that’s similar to what you’re considering for a more economical price point.”

While many of us may consider wood as the material for our stairs, Jay reminds us that metal has consistently grown in popularity for some time; it can be combined with wood or stand on its own. Improved manufacturing processes have enabled a more economical production of metal components, which in the past had been created by skilled craftsmen on site, adding up to an expensive undertaking. Cabling systems are on the wish list for customers desiring a more contemporary and ultra-modern interior, and Kansas City Building Supply has them covered.

Visualize Your Project
The trend to change the look of stair systems has been growing so much that Jay and his team installed a separate design area in the store to help customers in their decisions. “So many people were coming in for ideas on updating their stair systems that we needed a separate area to display styles and eliminate confusion in the selection process,” said Jay. “In addition, the increase of updating stair systems is growing due to the popularity of metal balusters and their combination with wood. We consolidated the offerings from our manufacturers to a set of collections and created a kiosk. Here, you can start the process of picking out a template of what your stairs would look like and then drag and drop a style so you can see what your look will be when you’re done.”

If you’re looking at options for changing stairs, Kansas City Building Supply will cover all the basics and can show you many options, all in one place. “Our team will explore options with you and make sure we find a product that matches your style and fits your budget,” noted Jay. “Most importantly, we’ll ensure the system we’re working on with you meets the code compliance that your city or municipality might require.”

Don’t allow the process of designing a new stair system for your home have you mindlessly moving “up and down.” Go to the pros at Kansas City Building Supply for their assistance in developing a new staircase that will add impressive style and function to your house.

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