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KC Building Supply: Creating the Perfect Recipe for Your New Kitchen

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A tried and true recipe for the success of a kitchen design is based on your cabinets and the functionality they bring to your cooking. But they can eat up a huge chunk of your design budget, so ensuring you’re getting durable and workable cabinets that meet your needs is critical. Look no further than KC Building Supply to help you choose the right ingredients for your successful design.

“Normally, style is the primary choice of homeowners designing their kitchens and functionality comes in second,” commented Jay Waldenmeyer, owner, KC Building Supply. “They have equal merits, but normally homeowners come first with the look and then discuss how they want things to work. For instance, some customers are bakers and want their mixer conveniently located. But in most cases, there are wide differences after style and functionality are determined.”

Quality Construction
“Our cabinet lines have both stained and painted products. Depending on what color is desired, we’ll guide customers to a particular manufacturer. Each line that we carry definitely has its strengths,” revealed Michelle Danley, designer, KC Building Supply. “Our prefinished cabinetry can’t be duplicated on the jobsite; it’s outstanding. Options and features such as soft close glides and dovetail drawers are standard on our lines. You get a durable factory finish with all our cabinet lines which is something that can’t be duplicated on a jobsite.”

At KC Building Supply, on the southwest corner of 75th Street and I-35, experienced staff members expertly guide you through the kitchen design process. The broad range of products at KC Building Supply allows you to pick from entry level offerings to premium designer products and those in between. You’ll find quality brands and welcoming price points for nearly any budget. Within those spaces, KC Building Supply offers a huge product selection, highlighted with a friendly, helpful staff. Their experience and knowledge enable KC Building Supply to stand out from the rest of the competition. Full-service designers do elevations, selections and help customers integrate all of the elements they’ll need to complete their dream kitchen, such as tiles, floors, appliances, countertops, cabinets and more.

Turning Ideas into Reality
“Not every consumer knows how to verbalize what they want. They have an idea, but they can’t necessarily translate it. And that’s where we come in. I always recommend using multiple resources, print and internet, and picking out the kitchens they like, and usually, you develop some common themes. It becomes a less challenging process because the designer gets a quick understanding of where to steer you, narrowing down to a line or price point,” noted Jay. “While we don’t do the actual construction, we will work with your general or subcontractors who complete the installation. We cover all markets–consumers, designers, remodelers and new home builders.”

“I can come out to a client’s house and talk to them about what they want to achieve, what they like and don’t like. With that information, I can develop a plan and initial design that has the basic layout. Then we customize it from there and make it specific to the homeowner and their style,” remarked Michelle. ‘We use a design program that produces a 3D layout. I’ll put it on a huge monitor in one of our design rooms. The homeowners can then easily visualize what the design will look like.”

Longevity and Service
The selection is phenomenal at KC Building Supply and so is its business history. The facility has served KC-metro general contractors, retail consumers and remodeling contractors for nearly three decades. The commercial and residential business features a 4,000-square-foot showroom and 115,000-square-foot warehouse, filled with the latest building products.

“KC Building Supply offers a variety of lines that fit almost any style or budget. Our showroom features seven full kitchen displays and many cabinet door and style displays,” stated Jay. “Customers can see the actual product. It’s not just a book or TV screen or computer monitor they’re looking at.”

As for decorating trends, Michelle says most wood species are being used to suit each particular project. Paint and stain finishes being offered are constantly expanding. “White cabinets are still very prevalent, although gray paint or stain is very popular as designers continue to mix warm browns with them,” she advised. “If homeowners don’t want gray painted cabinets, many times they’ll bring gray onto their walls. But gray is here for a while. It’s part of the new neutrals, and it’s a classic.”

The broad range of products offered at KC Building Supply can meet a variety of needs from entry level to full, custom-made cabinetry. Staff is knowledgeable and experienced and will work with clients to meet their budget needs. They will coordinate with any contractor or designer the homeowner has chosen, and their flexibility is phenomenal. With durable, high-quality hardware, cabinetry, countertops, interior trim, doors and windows, KC Building Supply can develop the perfect recipe for your perfect kitchen. ■

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