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Kansas City Building Supply: Make Your Home’s Entryway a Statement

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It’s your way of sharing an inviting hello or wishing a warm goodbye. It’s engaging, a statement of your lifestyle and the decor inside. It’s the entrance to your home, and the staff at Kansas City Building Supply is opening the door to the many possibilities to welcome your guests.

“It’s your family and friends’ point of entry to your house, the first thing they see when visiting your home. Nothing else features as much impact and impression as the front door,” said Jay Waldenmeyer, Kansas City Building Supply. “Whether it’s new construction or remodeling, it’s a project that can be within reason of budget and difficulty. Some changes might require structural modifications, but if you maintain your configurations, we can easily find a product to fit your needs.”

Jay notes a variety of options for entry doors in either new construction or replacement. The list includes steel, fiberglass, wood or high-end, thin-lined, forged steel products, all with thousands of styles available. “The entry level is steel, used primarily in new construction but still featuring lots of variety and options,” stated Jay. “Steel is more economical than other options, but it can really spruce up the front of a house.”

Fiberglass would be the next level, and Jay shares it’s really coming into its own with smooth or textured surfaces. “Smooth is paintable, and textured is set up to be stained to look like a wood door. Of course, you can order it pre-finished if you desire, antiqued or distressed as well,” remarked Jay. “When fiberglass first came out, the styles were limited but now you’re seeing more styling and wood appearance options; because of that you’re seeing greater usage. It’s more economical than wood yet it closely matches the styling options wood has historically afforded us, and fiberglass is much easier to maintain than wood.”

Wood is the next level of entry door, giving a variety of style options with a more traditional entryway feel. “Wood tends to be priced higher but offers more styling options. Kansas City Building Supply can tailor a door to meet a design the customer has found on Pinterest or even a sketch they’ve made,” noted Jay. “Limitations would be that wood requires ongoing maintenance because it’s prone to movement with the seasons and exposure deterioration.”

The ultimate entryway features Tuscan, traditional and transitional doors composed of iron. Iron doors are big, heavy and very much a statement piece. “Use of these doors is attractive to folks who want a thinner profile product with a dark black or bronze color on the inside and exterior of the product,” revealed Jay. “But it must fit a certain type of home.”

The popularity of each type of entryway depends on your construction needs. Consumers will find steel or fiberglass for most general, new construction. The more expensive types of fiberglass, wood or iron are seen in custom construction and remodeling. Many of those are traditionally styled doors, but Jay is starting to see more transitional, which is a blending of contemporary or modern styles with traditional decor, reflecting the styling chosen by the homeowner throughout the house.

“In remodeling, we most often recommend to replace the frame and not just add a new door. The new frame makes it more energy efficient and ensures a correct fit,” he advised. “We can give referrals for contractors willing to put in a new door, but a client can certainly select a person or company on their own.”

Kansas City Building Supply gives you the opportunity to work with some of the most knowledgeable and experienced staff in the metro. They’ll walk you through the vast array of entryway choices by first determining what you like, whether it’s something you spotted in a magazine, online or on the front of someone else’s house. Then, they’ll skillfully move you through the right products, mindful of your budget and needs. Kansas City Building Supply has served metro general builders, retail consumers and remodeling contractors for nearly three decades. The commercial and residential business features a 4,000-square-foot showroom and 115,000-square-foot warehouse, filled with the latest building products.

If a new entryway is on your list, let Kansas City Building Supply to guide you through the process. The staff’s experience and knowledge will help make a great project even better. 

“One last piece of advice: I recommend the company supplying the product talk with the person installing the product. This will help your contractor understand how it will integrate into their work,” remarked Jay. “It may feel like an extra step but there are many more details for these projects than people might estimate. Because they’re important to the outcome, you want to ensure they’re communicated. It’s better to make sure all parties are on the same page.”

Visit the showroom at the southwest corner of 75th Street and I-35.