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Imaging for Women: Breast Specialists and State-of-the-Art Technology

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It’s important to recognize and celebrate milestones and victories. Perhaps it’s a medal for taking first place in a youth soccer league, snagging a four-year college scholarship or winning a job promotion at work. Succeeding at a goal can be sweet and satisfying.

The staff at Imaging for Women knows all too well the feelings of success as they guide women and men on what could be a difficult journey. The celebration might be as simple as a yearly mammogram test coming back negative or assisting patients on a pathway of recovery from breast cancer.

Celebrating Survivorship
“We had our fourth annual breast cancer survivor party in September and that was a huge success. A butterfly release was featured along with a toast to the survivors and the journey they’re on. Imaging for Women is an important part of their journey,” noted Phyllis Fulk, CFO/Practice Administrator, Imaging for Women. “We remember our patients, and we treat them like they’re a sister or mother. It starts with the radiologists empowering the staff to give that type of care to the patient.”

Imaging for Women, 630 Northwest Englewood Road, Kansas City, Missouri, features quality diagnostic imaging services ranging from mammograms to ultrasounds and bone density tests, with state-of-the-art technology offered in a spa-like and service-oriented environment. Critically important is that results are shared with patients before they leave the office, questions are thoroughly answered and patients are comfortable with the information they receive.

“We offer state-of-the-art exams without the big hospital price tag in a relaxed and compassionate environment. Imaging for Women is an outpatient radiology center dedicated to women’s issues,” shared Dr. Troy Voeltz. “All patients receive their results the same day. We don’t send you home and send you the results days later. Our radiologists share the results as you wait in the office; the reports are written in layman’s terms you take with you. If necessary, we can go ahead and perform the diagnostic procedure or even perform the biopsy.”

Breast Specialists
Imaging for Women’s compassionate standard of care is dedicated to reducing anxiety. This dedication is clearly evident in its detection rates, finding three more cancers for every 1,000 women and discovering them when they’re very small. The cure rate is very high. The staff is highly experienced and trained in meeting your needs, starting with the radiologists, Dr. Voeltz, Dr. Mark Malley and Dr. Allison Zupon.

“All radiologists are breast specialists. We complete a fellowship in breast imaging and biopsies. This means after five years of residency training, we spend one additional year reading breast imaging and learning how to do breast biopsies,” noted Dr. Zupon. “If you go to other imaging facilities, you might have a doctor who specializes in knees or shoulders reading your mammogram, not a breast specialist. On average, our radiologists read 30,000 mammograms in a year. We’re experts in our field.”

Control Matters
Not only is the staff highly trained, but Imaging for Women also employs the latest high-tech equipment to gather results. One is the Pristina Dueta™ machine, and Imaging for Women is the only imaging center in the Midwest to have this technology. “The patient actually controls the compression of her breast with a hand-held remote,” revealed Phyllis. “What’s amazing is that when the patient is in control, you get more compression, which results in a better image and less radiation. With eight months of data, we find we get more compression in 70 percent of women.”

While one might expect a high price tag to cover these remarkable services, equipment and boutique atmosphere, Imaging for Women doesn’t charge exorbitant prices. Phyllis reports a savings up to or exceeding $15,000 for performing a biopsy, an affordable price tag. “Talk with your insurance provider. You have a choice of imaging facility to use. Compare prices because it can save you money,” remarked Phyllis. “We’re up front with the costs, delivering real-time eligibility for the patient to determine their insurance coverage. We work with them to get the best price.”

In the Community
The compassion that Imaging for Women provides to its patients is extended to the community with free mammogram screenings for uninsured and underinsured women. In partnership with other organizations, four mammogram “parties” in 2018 and continuing into 2019 have been scheduled at the facility. This equals about 200 free mammograms.

“We’ve built our entire practice around compassionate care and keeping it cost effective. We talk with our patients. If you have an ovarian cyst, we’ll educate you and deliver the information in layman’s terms,” commented Dr. Zupon. “Having a screening mammogram can be stressful enough, and if you send women home without results, they worry. At Imaging for Women, you’re in and out in about an hour with results. Our patients tell us they feel like they matter, they’re taken care of and, most importantly, we care for them.”

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