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Healthy Meals, Inc.: It’s Not Just Nutrition…It’s Life!

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You need a grocery list these days to keep up with all the meal or food delivery companies out there. Many companies will deliver the ingredients and a recipe leaving all the cooking to you, or others will send a month’s worth of prepared meals filled with preservatives. But only Healthy Meals, Inc., or HMI, offers Kansas Citians delicious, individually customized, fully prepared, nutritious meals and snacks that are fresh and delivered daily to your door.

“Healthy Meals, Inc. started well before food delivery became a huge cultural phenomenon—truly an anomaly in diet delivery. It starts with the client. HMI provides the perfect solution to two primary needs we all seek: improving our health and adding convenience to our lives,” remarked Scott Kluck, owner of HMI. “Improving your overall health and wellness, the way you look and feel, is the pinnacle reason people seek us out. If you want to be healthy, it starts with what you eat, plain and simple. If you want to lose weight and not worry about radical diets or exercise regimens, HMI is the perfect solution.”

Personalized Nutrition Needs
You begin by completing a health questionnaire that provides all your physical stats, activity level, age and your wellness goal. This all factors into how many calories you’ll receive across your daily meal set. In addition, HMI customizes the ratio of proteins versus complex carbohydrates versus essential fats within your daily meals. Your regimen is dialed in and you’re on track to reach your wellness goals.

Serving the area since 2008, HMI is the metro’s premier customized meal delivery service offering a convenient and personalized diet experience delivered fresh every day. HMI is a lifestyle company implementing health and time-saving convenience into each and every client’s day. Unique dietary needs aren’t a problem. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, lower cholesterol, manage diabetes, increase energy levels or simply want to look and feel healthier, HMI is the answer to your wellness goals.

“We serve the entire KC-metro area,” noted Scott. “I surround myself with a great team. Our chefs, culinary staff, managers and even our delivery crew are experienced and well-trained. It takes a team effort to make Healthy Meals, Inc. great, and it’s easily recognizable everyone takes pride in making that happen.”

HMI has served more than 10,000 Kansas Citians since its inception. These numbers demonstrate they’re doing something very right. “The feedback we get every day is incredible and so rewarding for us,” said Scott. “Our clients not only love the meals, but they’re reaching their goals.”

Many Choices
HMI offers two individualized meal plans. The Signature Optimal Meal Plan consists of a daily breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, mid-afternoon snack and dinner. Proteins and carbs are carefully measured to ensure clients get the targeted number of calories they need every day per their specifications. Scott notes eating three meals and two snacks daily optimizes your metabolism, improves energy levels and puts you on track for your goals. Should the client’s goal be weight loss, the average weight loss expected is one to three pounds per week. HMI also offers a Basic Meal Plan, which is breakfast, lunch and dinner, all of which are customized for a client that might not want snacks.

“Healthy Meals, Inc. is like having your own personal chef, and some folks might think it’s a luxury they can’t afford,” Scott added. “But on average, people spend approximately $25 to $35 each day on food, but you’re not guaranteed chef-prepared accurate servings, a balanced diet, excellent nutrition and deliciousness, all delivered by 6:00 a.m. every day.” Healthy Meals, Inc. affords you all of these benefits with similar costs because the team has the plan down to a science. Experienced chefs prepare the freshest ingredients to meet your nutrition needs. Scott adds when you consider the quality and convenience featured with HMI, you’ll realize the tremendous value you’re receiving.

Family Friendly
“Healthy Meals, Inc. also offers a Family Flex Dinner Plan. This option is simply a family-style dinner entrée of your choice, which feeds a family of up to six. Busy families often don’t have time to prepare a healthy and fresh dinner, but they want to sit around the family table and enjoy dinner together. Healthy Meals, Inc. provides this very solution so you can skip the fast food or other unhealthy dinner choices,” said Scott. “The dinner is fully prepared and just needs to be heated, served and enjoyed.

“Not only do we customize each client’s meal regimen, but we stay in touch with the client, allowing us to modify and make adjustments to their regimen as we go along. We want our clients to have a positive experience and reach their goals, whether that’s physical or simply for our convenience.”

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