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Clothology:135: Passionate about You and Your Style

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Entering Clothology:135 is like walking into your best friend’s really amazing closet. The vibe is welcoming and relaxing, the clothes are fabulous, and there’s a friendly saleswoman ready to help you find the perfect item. “Our mission truly is to make each woman feel really good about themselves,” said Pam Burton, Clothology:135 owner. Guided by the belief that if you look fabulous then you feel fabulous, Pam has created an exceptional women’s boutique located in Leawood’s Parkway Plaza. “We want customers to leave feeling even better than when they came in.”

Style and Selection
From everyday casual to special events, Clothology:135 has you covered with a catalog aimed at multi-generational women in many sizes. “I really, really think about my customers and try to meet the needs of everyone. Anybody can walk into the boutique and find not only jewelry or shoes or an accessory, but also a garment,” Pam said. “Although I don’t carry plus or petite sizes, I carry clothes that run as if they were plus or petite.” With a wide selection of clothing and accessories available in sizes and styles that appeal to every age, women from young singles to busy moms and active seniors, Pam has the perfect something for everyone. “I’ve had a lot of experiences where a granddaughter, a mom and a grandmother come in together and they all leave with something they love.”

To keep things fresh, Pam regularly updates her inventory. You’ll find something new every time you visit. This includes even a Pickwick custom-scented candle created exclusively for Clothology:135. With fall’s arrival and holidays around the corner, new seasonal items can be especially fun. In terms of clothing and accessories, Pam said, “I always have a little bit of glitz and glamor for the holidays as well as pieces for a casual get-together at home.”

Service and Smiles 
In addition to Clothology:135’s robust closet of clothes and accessories, the passionate, experienced saleswomen make it the place to shop. They create a fun experience while taking the time to understand your personal style and find the perfect pieces for you. They won’t pressure you to buy, but they might suggest garments or jewelry that could be outside your comfort zone. Pam encourages you to “try one thing that you didn’t think you would pick. Sometimes it’s a big, major fail and that’s good because you learn. And sometimes you’re like, ‘I had no idea I could wear this.’” She wants you to experiment with something new. You might be pleasantly surprised.

However, we all know that there are times when it’s hard to be happy with our bodies. Pam and her staff empathize and truly understand how frustrating and disheartening that can be. They want to help you find something that works with your current figure and not settle for anything less than what makes you feel good. “God gave us what He gave us. We’ve got to do the best to clothe it,” Pam said. “Nothing makes me happier than to have someone who comes out of the fitting room with this big smile on their face. You can just tell they feel really good about themselves.” That’s what Clothology:135 is all about.

Shopping Local, Supporting Worthy Causes
Customers’ support of Clothology:135 and Parkway Plaza’s other women-driven stores, especially over the last few challenging years, has been amazing. “Local support has been really important to us,” said Pam. “Thank you for keeping local in your mind when you’re out and about.” She too believes in supporting area businesses. When selecting the perfect pieces for the boutique, she makes sure to include exceptional items from local entrepreneurs. For instance, Clothology:135 carries fragrant candles from Continued Good, a company based in Louisburg, KS.

Another way that Clothology:135 supports local efforts is by giving back to the community. As long as it’s in her budget, Pam supports local organizations with store gift cards for fundraisers. Also, for non-profits, consider hosting a private shopping party at the boutique. Pam will donate a percentage of the sales to your selected philanthropy. Or, just for fun, host a private party for you and your friends to play in Clothology:135’s amazing closet. If you are interested in creating a memorable party or charity event, call the boutique today to schedule. You and your guests will receive Clothology:135’s signature service as you peruse clothing and accessories and find pieces that fit your style and make you smile. 

Study of Your Style
“My tagline is the study of your style,” Pam said. That’s what clothology means to her. No appointment is necessary to visit Clothology:135 and discover how wonderful it feels when Pam and her amazing saleswomen clothe you in your style.

Visit Clothology:135, 4800 W 135th St Suite 260, Leawood, Kansas, call 913-766-0203 or for exquisite holiday shopping.