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Central Bank of the Midwest: Helping Home Buyers Achieve Their Dreams

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The average American is buying a new home every five to seven years. Affordable interest rates are opening the real estate market to lots of activity. Low, single digits make it extremely reasonable to enjoy home ownership, whether you’re purchasing your first home, moving up to another residence or buying a vacation home. With all of that action, it’s important to have a lender that’s willing to guide you every step of the way. Central Bank of the Midwest is your local bank with a team that is knowledgeable and has the resources to ensure your home buying process goes smoothly.

“Over the last decade, we’ve been fortunate to enjoy low interest rates for home ownership,” noted Tim Nichols, residential mortgage sales manager, Central Bank of the Midwest. “We’ve helped a lot of homeowners achieve their dreams by focusing on the educational piece for them, which makes the process much more rewarding. We encourage clients to ask questions; we don’t want you to feel intimidated. By working with us, you’ll have the facts and figures you need, and you’ll know what fits your budget.”

Relationship Banking
“It’s really about locating a reputable lender to explain the process and help you set expectations to find the financing that fits your needs,” stated Diane Hughes, director of residential mortgage lending. “We take great pride in building a solid relationship with our customers by helping them achieve their long-term financial goals.”

Central Bank of the Midwest is part of the Central Bancompany family of banks, with 13 affiliates and 140 facilities across Missouri, Kansas, Illinois and Oklahoma. Here in Kansas City and Lawrence, Kansas, 32 convenient branches are available. The bank, as part of Central Bancompany, has been recognized for the ninth consecutive year as one of America’s Best Banks by Forbes.Though its history dates back to 1902 in Jefferson City, Missouri, Central Bank of the Midwest has grown in the metro area through acquisitions of strong community banks over the past 24 years. It changed its name from Metcalf Bank to Central Bank of the Midwest in 2014 as part of a company-wide rebranding effort to help customers more easily recognize the company throughout the region.

Educating Homebuyers
The bank is proud of its ability to help homeowners find the right financing that meets their needs and strengthens the KC community as well. “At Central Bank of the Midwest, we originate, process, underwrite and close loans locally,” shared Diane. “Because we’re a local bank, we’re always available to meet with you, face to face, to answer any questions you may have.”

Central Bank of the Midwest is here to make certain your home-buying experience is positive, professional and hassle free. Its experienced staff of lenders knows the local market and they can help you walk through the daunting process of obtaining funding to achieve your dream home.

Its Online Mortgage Center offers comprehensive resources, including valuable articles, instructional videos, financial calculators and a mortgage loan glossary. You can calculate your future payments, determine which loan option is best for your specific situation, examine loan consolidation strategies and more.

Preparing Clients for the Process
“The website presents so much information and lots of calculators. For instance, you can figure out what your payment would be when comparing a 30-year loan to a 15-year loan,” revealed Tim. “You’ll learn about types of loans, daily interest rates and more. The Online Mortgage Center breaks down the application process so applicants can be better prepared when they start the loan process.”

“It really puts the process on the right track. It lists the financial documentation required by a lender: pay stubs, two years of taxes returns, work history, bank checking and savings statements, investments, debts and more,” shared Diane. “We say the more prepared our customers are, the better the transition. Customers leave here able to handle their debt responsibly and hit their long-term goals.” Diane and Tim can also help you through the process of taking out a home equity loan to make a major purchase, pay for college education or spruce up the home you already have.

If you’re contemplating a home loan of any type, turn to the professionals at Central Bank of the Midwest. Diane, Tim and their team of experts will create a simplified pathway for any borrower to become more knowledgeable about the home loan process. Central Bank of the Midwest is focused on building a stronger KC community by helping others achieve their home ownership dreams. ■

Central Bank of the Midwest is an Equal Housing Lender. Visit the website at or call 913-901-3220.