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Amazing Lash Studio: Flutter Your Beautiful Lashes!

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The Amazing Lash Studios owned by Lori and Tom Dusterhoft are places of respite, rediscovery, eye opening joy. It is truly amazing what a visit can do for a woman’s confidence and demeanor.

“Lori and I were owners of three Massage Heights franchises, and there was a regional developer, JD Bush, I was talking to about investing in Amazing Lash Studios franchises,” Tom explained. “In 2014, we jumped in with both feet! Our first location was in Overland Park, and then on February 11, 2019, we purchased the Country Club Plaza location.”

Tom grew up in Des Moines, Iowa, and worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 20 years, moving from San Francisco to Dallas, Detroit and then Kansas City. After many years of providing excellent service to his customers, in 2008 he decided to go into business for himself and built the Massage Heights in Leawood. He then purchased two other locations from franchisees in Liberty and Tiffany Springs and sold all three franchises as of February 2022.

Time Saver
Lori is a nurse at KU Medical Center, and the two own the franchises together. “She says it saves her 10 to 15 minutes each morning and she loves having her lashes done every two weeks or so,” Tom smiled. “Four percent of women get lashes nationwide, then at our national convention two months ago, we learned it has climbed to nine percent. We are just scratching the surface of people who want to get their lashes done.”

Trending now are Mega Volume Lashes™, which allow technicians to affix 8D and 10D extensions; this means you can put eight and ten fiber lashes onto one lash, giving a fuller, lush look that’s very lightweight. You can wear them with contacts, and a pair lasts generally three weeks. 

Your Style
All lash extensions are specifically made with synthetic fibers, which are then individually attached to each natural lash. They look completely natural, like the lashes you had as a baby! You and your technician will decide on a style that suits your eye and face shape, your desired look and lifestyle. For example, the Gorgeous Lashes style features longer eyelash extensions in the center of the eye that subtly decrease in length at both corners to open up the eyes. Eye shapes best suited for this style are almond, deep-set, mono-lid, down-turned, wide-set or hooded eyes.

Another option is a lash lift with tinting, which is done on your own natural lashes. It is like a perm and color tint for your eyelashes, and is followed by a deep-conditioning Keratin treatment, which nourishes and strengthens your own lashes. 

What to Expect
“The first time you get your lashes done it takes about an hour and half, and refills take somewhere between 45 minutes to an hour. We provide an instruction sheet to keep your lashes looking beautiful for the full three weeks,” he continued. “Amazing Lash is working a new process that will actually reduce the time it takes to do full sets and refills. It will revolutionize our industry.”

Amazing Lash Studios provide a Maintain the Look Kit, which includes eye wash and clear gel coating that helps protect the lashes from oil and dirt that can sometimes break down the adhesive. They also recommend staying away from heat, water and sweat for about 24 hours after the procedure.

This enterprising couple has another franchise in the works, a fitness concept called Spenga that will be unique to the fitness industry in Kansas City. It is based on a 60-minute workout that includes 20 minutes of cycling, 20 minutes of strength training, and 20 minutes of yoga. “We have been into fitness our entire lives, and this next venture, which originated in Chicago, will open Kansas City to a new level of fitness,” Tom noted.

He loves coming into his studios to work with the managers and talk with the outstanding employees who are dedicated to providing great services. “The special thing about Amazing Lash is that it can be life-changing for people! Many come out to our front counter and start crying because they look so beautiful!” he recounted. “We tell them not to cry or they’ll mess up their lashes!”

Amazing Lash Studio’s membership program makes it very affordable to get eyelash extensions. An additional perk of the program offers women a discounted price at over 300 locations nationwide, so if you go on vacation or a business trip, you can visit any of the locations to receive your lash treatment.

If you’re ready for lush lashes, make the call. Many times, appointments can be made the same day you call, or certainly for the next day. It’s time to treat yourself to beautiful eyes!

Amazing Lash Studios are located at 13312 Metcalf Ave., Overland Park, Kansas, and on the Country Club Plaza at 4740 Pennsylvania Ave., Kansas City, Missouri. Visit for more information.