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Just Sayin’

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Do you ever feel like you get into a weekend rut?

Here’s what I mean. My husband and I both work all week. So, on weekends we have no choice but to make a trip to the grocery store, a Target run, car wash and errands. Those things aren’t going to do themselves, right?!

But lately we’ve realized something else that’s super important—fun! Life can’t be all about working and keeping up with chores, right? We decided to change things up this past weekend and it was so fun and refreshing, and we made some cool family memories along the way.

The thing is, we live in a fantastic city full of all sorts of things to do that we probably overlook on the day-to-day because, well, that’s life! The streetcar. We’d read about it. We’d seen it. But we’d never taken a ride! So, we kicked off the day at the amazing farmer’s market at the City Market. I got the most beautiful, huge bouquet of flowers for $10! We stocked up on fresh fruits and veggies. We even picked up some homemade doggie treats for the pups.

Then we took the streetcar from River Market to Union Station, where we checked out the Dinosaurs Revealed exhibit. It’s super convenient; it dropped us off steps away from the front doors! And the whole family enjoyed the exhibit, educational and cool—win-win!

After that we stopped for some food and spent technology-free time enjoying each other’s company. That in itself was just really, really nice.

What’s my point? Switch up your routine. It’s so easy to get caught up in the everyday chaos of life that sometimes we forget the very thing we’re supposed to be doing—living.

Written by: Mix 93.3 personality Jenny Matthews

Jenny Matthews is the host of Mix 93.3’s ‘Jenny Matthews Show’ 10am – 3pm, Monday – Friday. She is also the co-founder of She lives in the Northland with her husband, Matthew, and their two kiddos, Julianne and Miles. Connect with Jenny at!