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Making Positive Choices for Healthy Living

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Shimika Kennison

Making Positive Choices for Healthy Living

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Shimika Kennison has had a life filled with successful business opportunities. An entrepreneur for the last 14 years, she’s operated several prosperous companies focused on cosmetology, skin care education and the beauty industry. But now she’s concentrating on another endeavor, focusing on beauty from the inside rather than on the outside.


I’m moving into a new opportunity as a certified health coach, which allows me to effect permanent change in my clients and their families,” Shimika remarked. “Over the last six years, I’ve been researching health and wellness, and 12 months ago, I moved into coaching. Now, I’ll combine all of my skill sets into launching an effort that I refer to as Healthy Happy Healed.”


Finally Discovering Answers

The “healed” segment has a special meaning for Shimika. Almost 14 years ago, she was diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus, commonly called lupus, a chronic, autoimmune disease that can damage any part of the body. Skin, joints and/or body organs can be negatively impacted. Chronic lupus means the symptoms tend to last longer than six weeks and often remain for many years.


“I had no idea I had this disease. Unfortunately, there’s no cure for lupus, and it can be mild or life threatening,” noted the Leawood, Kansas, resident. “When I was first diagnosed, I went the traditional route of treatment with medicine and physicians, and I got my lupus under control. However, the symptoms would flare up, and we would start another round of aggressive treatment. But I wanted a more holistic approach to my lupus. By taking control of my health, I was able to successfully overcome the obstacles in my life.”


Refashioning a Viewpoint

A critical turning point for Shimika and her quest for good health was advice from her husband, retired Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Eddie Kennison. He saw his wife tormented by a destructive illness that not only was taking a toll on her physically, but mentally as well. “At that time, I had a very negative attitude, while my husband is a very positive person,” recalled Shimika. “He said that I needed to change my mind set by being a part of the solution and not a part of the problem. With his support, I was able to change my attitude and concentrate on the positive and how to get better. My husband leads a very servant-like lifestyle, and in the end, he helped guide me to my true calling as a health coach


Inspiring Health through Discovery

This journey to better health is the basis for her latest business adventure, Healthy Happy Healed. For Shimika, healthy is a lifestyle; happy is a choice; and living healed is the result. In her work, she guides clients to better health with a focus on balanced nutrients to support the body’s varied systems, from the heart and blood vessels, lungs and nerves to muscles and bones, digestive tract, metabolic glands and more; physical activity to keep these systems fit and well conditioned; and enough relaxation and activity to relieve stress and promote spiritual health.


Shimika positions herself as a “Master of Habit Change” for her clients with the goal of moving them from “Knowing” to “Doing.” “I describe my work with clients as transformational coaching, and it can be applied to many areas of life, not just health and wellness,” noted Shimika. “During one of my coaching sessions, I have a discovery session with the client and we determine what’s been preventing them from having the health and the body that they want. We’ll discover the foods and lifestyle habits that are bringing them down. Together, we develop a powerful vision for their transformation and what it means to their life. I’ll coach them to make the necessary changes to feel better about their body and health.”


Healthy Happy Healed offers someone who will listen to your health goals, learn what you want as an individual and understand what you desire from your health. “It’s really about guiding clients with a plan, but I won’t judge you as you progress through that plan,” Shimika emphasized. “I’m the person that my clients can trust; I’m engaged as an accountability partner with them. I’ll ask the right questions to understand why they’re not getting the results they want. Together, we’ll find the blocks to their success and remove those challenges so they can become a better version of themselves.”


Creating a New Way of Living

But for Shimika, Healthy Happy Healed is more than a phrase on a business card or a banner on a website. She’s committed to helping clients achieve the healthy lifestyle that’s meant for them, not for a Hollywood celebrity or runway model. In return, she expects her clients to be fully engaged, especially with their thought processes, bringing positivity to everything they do. “Being happy is a choice; it’s a decision you make. It’s about refusing to let outside influences and stresses negatively impact your outlook on life. You do have a choice,” noted Shimika. “I think of my body as a temple; it’s not perfection, but I’m healthy. I would not use the word ‘cured’ of lupus, but I’ve been healed in a spiritual way. I have no symptoms and take no meds. For me, it’s a state of mind or positive intentional living. Through faith, I believe that I am healed.”


Shimika emphasizes working one on one with clients, but she’s also offering small group programs. You can be driven by achieving results for a special event or moving to a healthier lifestyle. She’ll help you get on track for weight, fitness goals and performance challenges. Working with Shimika, you’ll develop your individualized plan and then follow a checklist to achieve your goals. “As your transformational coach, I’ll talk with you about your health concerns and your goals and then gain a deeper understanding of the how and why of your current lifestyle,” she revealed. “We’ll create weekly steps and weekly reviews to determine what’s working and what’s not. Really, the change is led by the clients, but I want them to understand that it’s not something that they must do, but to understand the why behind the way it works. Armed with this information, they won’t have to think about making healthy choices when they’re finished with my coaching because it’s now a part of who they are.”


In addition, she uses a supplements program called ID Nutrition to fill nutritional gaps for her clients. ID Nutrition is customized nutrition, designed to meet your individual needs, that’s backed by 7,500 clinical studies. An assessment featured on her website determines your health score. From it, you’ll get a recommendation of the types of nutrition that you should have in your diet.


Family Love and Support

Not only does she focus on this new business adventure, she is also the mother to three boys, one of whom is preparing to start college at KU. While Shimika and Eddie could have chosen any city to call home after he retired from football, they chose to remain in the KC metro and quickly became community leaders with their support of local charities and other goodwill endeavors.


“It’s always great to have a partner like I have in Eddie,” she stated. “No matter what you’re experiencing in life, it means so much more to have a family member, friend or even a coach to go through it with you. A support system is so vital in life.”


Sharing Her Knowledge and Experience

In all of her adventures, Shimika seems destined to find success, especially one such as Healthy Happy Healed, which carries such a personal story for her. She’s chosen to battle her lupus with a holistic approach to her entire well-being. Now, she wants to transfer what she has learned to help others in their journey to good health.


“With my lupus treatments, I’ve been there and understand that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to health and wellness. Everyone’s an individual and should be treated as such,” affirmed Shimika. “There’s a big difference between knowing what you want and actually finding success. At Healthy Happy Healed, I will be your personal liaison on your journey to good health. As I see it, it’s not about perfection, but progress.” HLM


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