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The Aesthetic Place: The Modern Refreshed Face, Art, Science and Ethics of Injecting

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Your face is unique. The techniques, products and strategies to enhance and refresh your look should be too. Since my journey in the injectable industry began in 2014, the number of providers has increased dramatically. How can you determine who to trust with your beautiful face? 

I am surprised when I hear stories of medical injectables being offered in non-medical settings such as parties or events, or when I see that some reputable practices are hiring new injectors with little to no training. It makes it seem as if it is no longer a medical procedure, but rather a procedure that can be done anytime, anywhere, with any skill set. Many of these new injectors, desperate to get away from bedside care, are seeking out a simple course that “certifies” them to inject. Most are being hired by practices not offering mentorship programs and are provided only minimal training.

Key training and education factors include an understanding of facial anatomy; product knowledge; how to manage complications; understanding how to create balance; proportion; correct dosing; knowing when to say no to procedures; understanding safety; and knowing how to deliver proper injection techniques to give optimal results.

Know the questions to ask when sitting down for a consultation. As a consumer, don’t be afraid to ask your medical professional what their training background is pertaining to that exact procedure. Many will market their provider as having x number of years of experience. Does this mean experience as a medical provider or experience running a laser, or experience actually injecting these products? How often are they actually injecting? Daily? Monthly? Feel free to ask your provider why they are recommending the products they are choosing for you, and don’t be afraid to ask to see product packaging! 

Some practices limit product offerings in order to maximize profits. This can limit an injector’s ability to provide optimal results for the patient. Choose the injector that has access to all products and is picking the best product for you. Your face deserves it! Lastly, ask to see before and after photos, ask about potential risks, and ask how the provider would correct any unwanted results. 

As our two-year anniversary of The Aesthetic Place approaches, I reflect on some of the trials and victories over the course of my career that have led me to this moment. It has been two years filled with learning, adjusting, growing, creating, laughing and embracing. 

As I walk through the spa door every morning, all is quiet. I notice the morning light shining in the tall windows and breathe in the good energy in this gorgeous space. There is a feeling of pride and integrity. Freedom. My vision has come true. I am proud to be growing an inclusive environment where high standards, skill and ongoing training are paramount, and where kindness lives.

Written by: Kristen Kneidel, RN, BSN

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