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tālem Salon & Wellness Collective: Sustainable and Stylish!

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tālem Salon started in 2005 under the name Blush Co. Started by Brianne Bustamante as a two-chair boutique salon, it quickly grew and found its permanent home in western Olathe. 

Over time, tālem, the Latin word that means “to empower,” defined themselves as a green and sustainable salon, partnering with Green Circle to contribute to the forward-thinking goals of keeping chemical waste out of water systems, repurposing hair, soiled foil and used tools along with standard recycling. “The beauty industry is always progressing and changing,” said Kristi, co-owner of tālem. “In order to continue to do what we love, we need to be aware of our actions during and after the wonderful services we provide.”

tālem Salon is leading the way in sustainable salons. What does this mean for the guests and the stylists? “We believe in maintaining a healthy and peaceful environment for both the guest and the stylist. We use plant-based products for color, shampooing and styling.” Brianne said. “It doesn’t stop there for us. Kristi and I have been working together to create a sustainable working environment for our stylists as well. We love to think progressively. We apply the thought process of working smarter, not harder. Long hours behind the chair are a thing of the past for our staff.”

“We have so many future plans to keep moving the industry in a more sustainable and greener direction and we couldn’t be more excited!!” says Brianne. “It’s been an amazing ride so far and we look forward to what is to come!”