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tālem Salon: Our Mission and Leading Example of Salon Sustainability

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We believe in maintaining a healthy and peaceful environment for both the guest and stylist. At tālem Salon, we use plant-based products for color services, shampooing and styling. Sustainability is defined as the ability to be maintained or to avoid the depletion of our natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance. Salons are the second-largest leading provider of waste, generating roughly 120 billion units of packaging every year, most of which are non-recyclable. Creating less waste for the universe to continue to thrive is one of our top priorities. Setting us apart from the traditional salon industry, our mission statement notes, “We provide a five-star salon experience while providing a sustainable environment!”

We support green and clean products that are beneficial for our stylists’ and guests’ health inside and out. Our natural products and hypoallergenic color line create longevity for long-lasting color, the integrity of the hair and the health of the stylist behind the chair. We work only with product companies that supply eco-friendly packaging to support our green circle mission. Aside from our environmental consciousness, tālem Salon also enjoys setting the mood for our guest’s senses by keeping a spectacularly clean salon, diffusing medical-grade essential oils and lit candles at every station.

Green Circle is a company that transforms beauty waste into desirable commodities. This allows tālem Salon to expand recycling possibilities. We recycle everything from our color tubes, used foils, hair clippings, color waste to product packaging. The recycled items can be transformed into new products and clean energy, giving waste a new life. Green Circle also offsets our carbon emissions, so our salon services can be carbon neutral. Green Circle not only allows us to reduce our waste but also gives back to our communities in need. In order to continue to do what we love, we need to be aware of our actions during and after the wonderful services we provide.

Yet, it doesn’t stop there for us! Creating a sustainable working environment for stylists behind the chair is extremely important for our stylists’ mental and physical health. Long hours behind the chair are a thing of the past for our staff. tālem works individually with each stylist on their personal and career goals. Providing a salon coach allows our team to map out what success looks like for each of us. This structure allows us to reuse our physical and mental energy into endless satisfaction, whether that’s working behind the chair on commission, working in-house but independently, or advancing to salon ownership. Maintaining our staff motivation, happiness and success sets us apart from other salons’ high turnover rates and unhappy stylists. This also allows stability for clients, keeping their favorite stylist around to continue delivering their high expectations. Work ethic is incredibly important in a professional setting, but here at tālem Salon we believe health and wellness is just as important.

At tālem Salon, we are family. We love connecting with our guests on a personal level, delivering incredible beauty results and maintaining a healthy professional and personal lifestyle. tālem Salon provides royal treatment to their staff; we couldn’t imagine working for any other establishment. We are always professional, but we are also super cool, fun and love a good laugh!