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Make Your Home Your Best Nest Ever!

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In current times, as we create a new definition for our lives, why not create our “best nest” ever? Now more than ever, nestled in our homes for work, educating our children or entertaining family and friends, our living spaces are taking top priority. Demand is on the rise for an environment that calms, elevates our spirits and revives us.

Recently, a newcomer to Gallery V was searching for art for her brand-new home. “After months of thinking that I had everything figured out,” she said, “I’ve finally decided that I’m just going to get what I love. I like bold colors and I like red.” That realization became so freeing for her, generating a whole new way of shopping. The shoulds and shouldn’ts of design protocols were noted, but now her emphasis was placed on her and her family’s own personalities, adding a real sense of value to their selections.

Each individual has a unique barometer for what inspires them, their desire or threshold for color or story, for zest or rest. When we honor our instincts and give permission to enjoy our own individuality, we begin to build an environment that feels natural to us. This is the key to creating a home that we love and our best nest ever!

Gallery V Fine Arts at Mission Farms offers an eclectic mix for art lovers of all kinds. The naturalist can enjoy works in wood, metal and mixed media. For whimsical, edgy or classical tastes, Gallery V features originals in painting, sculpture, ceramic, glass, jewelry and handcrafted gifts. Personalized services include custom jewelry design, special commissions, pet portraiture and in-home art consultations. 

Gallery V Fine Arts welcomes walk-in guests, offers private appointments and curbside pick-up. Go to for future events and educational workshops.