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Luxury Brow KC: A Permanent Path to Beauty

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With 2020 getting off to a great start, many women become recharged to freshen up their look for the new year! Let’s face it; we ALL want to look younger, more refreshed and certainly more alive! 

Dax McLoughlin, with more than 13 years as a cosmetic tattoo artist, makeup artist, esthetician and spa owner, has brought her talents and artistry to the beautiful women of KC. Luxury Brow KC, a premier cosmetic tattoo studio, has opened its doors in the gorgeous Crossroads Art District at 620 E. 18th Street, Kansas City, Missouri. 

Licensed in both Kansas and Missouri, Dax offers all cosmetic tattoo procedures including eyebrows, full lip color and eyeliner. We all know eyebrows are “in” and cosmetic tattooing, whether microbladed or a powder fill, can give you the desired look you have been wanting: fuller, more youthful eyebrows!

As an artist, Dax will work with you during your consultation to help you choose the best brow shape for your face. Cosmetic tattooing is such a great option for busy professional women, on-the-go moms, fitness enthusiasts or those with poor vision.

Please contact Luxury Brow KC at 913-222-4519 for your free consultation, and check out your options at and @luxurybrowkc.