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J.Mullin Apparel Co.: Distinctive Handcrafted Luxury Kimonos & Scarves

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J.Mullin Apparel Co. creates one-of-a-kind kimono-inspired statement pieces for the woman who does not hesitate to invest in her health and wellness and how she presents herself to the world. According to designer and founder Joanne Mullin, “It’s time to come out of hiding and invest in how we look and feel. It’s a time for rediscovering elegance and rediscovering ourselves.”

The J.Mullin Apparel brand is about reinvention and transformation. We are inspired by the ever-evolving journey every woman experiences as she rediscovers herself and becomes more of who she was born to be. 

Our customers love the sleek, fully-lined flattering silhouettes and the one-of-a-kind fabric combinations we feature. Most of all, they love how our beautiful well-designed handcrafted garments transform the way they look and feel. 

Getting dressed has never been so effortless.

This is your time to shine. You are so worth it.

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