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Gallery V Fine Arts

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What makes your heart come alive and what tells a story? Some people know just exactly the kind of art they’re looking for and many others, quite the contrary. What’s your sweet spot and your happy place to light up your room? The Gallery V Fine Arts team at Mission Farms West realizes that there’s a whole lot of “nice” out there. And sometimes, “just nice” can be the confusing factor in selecting art. 

Their advice is: Whether the budget is large or small or the art is minimal or monumental in scale, look for the “wow factor.” This will keep one’s eyes and heart loving their art selection over and over again. Consider how important are uniqueness, price or collectability. Does the individual enjoy a story, an artist’s creative process and intrigue for years to come? Or, is it just a quick fix or decor color match?

Leaving room for fun is Gallery V’s daily goal in guiding curious art shoppers into the ease of selecting, the excitement of collecting and the pleasure of expanding their experience of the art world. Through artist shows and demos, educational workshops, lectures and book signings, guests can enjoy a wide realm of gallery activities. 

Artists, locally to internationally, compose Gallery V’s spirited collection of paintings, sculpture, ceramic, glass, kinetic, wood, jewelry and handcrafted gifts. Every creation is a fine art original or limited edition. Services include in-home art consultation, special commissions, pet portraiture and custom jewelry design.

Gallery V invites the public to enjoy the following upcoming events:

Sept. 13: Leawood Arts Crawl
Sept. 29: Plein Air Painting Instruction with Gloria Gale
Oct. 17 – 19: Sculpture show, lecture and workshop with Reno Carollo
See for details.