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From Extreme Anxiety to Extreme Manageability: How CBD from The Hemp Haus Helped This Family Get a Handle on ADHD

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Olivia H. no longer has to put Band-Aids on her nine-year-old grandson’s fingertips before school in the morning. 

After CBD from The Hemp Haus drastically improved her adult son’s life–a 22-year-old young man with ADHD and on the autism spectrum–Olivia, along with her daughter, decided to see if CBD could work for her grandson’s extreme anxiety. 

In addition to ADHD, Olivia’s grandchild is being treated for possible bipolar disorder. Even with prescription medication, his anxiety was so severe that he chewed and bit his fingernails off until they bled. But that wasn’t the worst of it. Not only were the medications not sufficiently helping Olivia’s family manage her grandson’s extreme behavior, they had concerning, long-term severe side effects that were already manifesting. 

Doctors prescribed Risperdal® (an antipsychotic often used to treat severe cases of ADHD and autism), Latuda® (for bipolar disorder) and Focalin™ XR (for ADHD). The Focalin XR put the child on a trajectory for stunted growth. He would not eat. But at night, the medication would wear off, and he would wake up hungry. These disturbances in sleep and nourishment were already causing developmental problems. “And as he gets older, these meds would have to increase,” shared Olivia. For her the question became, “How do we manage to get the most out of life while minimizing the damage to our family?” 

The family’s decision to put the nine-year-old on CBD was not made lightly. They began with CBD isolate, or CBD that has been processed to remove all other cannabinoids and plant nutrients, with little effect. They then tried the Ananda Hemp Full Spectrum CBD from The Hemp Haus that Olivia’s son uses daily. 

After a few months of taking the Ananda Hemp CBD every morning, Olivia’s grandchild is off the Risperdal and Latuda, and his 20 mg dose of Focalin XR has been reduced to 10 mg. The child is no longer biting off his nails. 

“I am surprised and grateful,” Olivia said. “It doesn’t make it go away, but it’s extremely manageable now. This solution is about the growth of a human being without damaging him with long-term side effects.”

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