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Elizabeth Jacob Home: A Tactile Experience

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Filling in the gap between pictures you download from Pinterest and your living room is what Elizabeth Jacob Home is doing in Overland Park. Owner Janene Ervin wanted to open a retail store with modern objects for the customer who still enjoys the art of curating a beautiful modern space and likes the feel of a great drinking glass.

“Almost everything here, I have one of at my home. It’s not the most profitable business formula for running a retail store, but if you come in, I want to tell you why I love what you picked up and tell you why you’ll love it too.” Janene said. 

The store has its own style; West Coast modern is how Janene describes it. “Our things here have a great ‘hand’ to them. If you appreciate the word ‘tactile,’ you’ll love the store.” Great tabletop, bedding, furniture and accessory pieces are what you will find in the store plus things Janene just loves, such as her favorite silk pajamas, easy clothing, great handbags, jewelry and even smudge sticks “because good energy is a part of good living.”

Special keepsake gifts for men, bridal and grandchildren are all part of the mix, too. “I don’t want to just sell my customers a great lamp once every two years. I want them to pop in because we are a fun place to find something unique to wear, live with or give.” The gift wrapping is spectacular. 

“Our retail store is an invitation to come in and have fun but the design bar showcases our team’s talents,” Janene said. “We make it simple to find and install décor. Our workroom is filled with fabrics, wallcoverings and options for furniture and lighting. No formal appointments are needed; there is always someone in the store that can help you find that perfect piece. Our customers come in loaded with pictures on their phone of their rooms needing help with an idea or to solve a problem. We offer both design and installation services at the design bar.”