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De-Stress and Stuff Stockings with These Soothing CBD Products from The Hemp Haus

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If you really want to bring tidings of comfort and joy this year, for yourself and others, think CBD—and not the kind you can pick up at the convenience store! This year for the holidays, The Hemp Haus wants you to remember two things:

1. Stocking-stuffer doesn’t have to mean purchased from the discount aisle at Target. The Hemp Haus has luxe yet affordable wellness and beauty CBD products that will knock your loved ones’ Christmas socks off. 

2. You don’t have to navigate the holiday season in pain or anxiety. The Hemp Haus has fast-acting forms of CBD, such as tinctures, for quickly de-escalating those situations that dare to threaten your wintery bliss. 

Kana means “powerful female” and describes the mission and creator, Janice Buu, behind this line of CBD skincare. The healing power of hemp CBD and secrets of K-Beauty will keep skin smooth, clear and glowing throughout the winter. Give your fave femme the gift of a healing botanical CBD sleep mask, the hydrating LIT CBD Facial Oil or the Kana CBD + EGF Active Botanical Essence. Don’t forget to grab some for yourself too; it’s a one-for-you, one-for-me product line (wink, wink).

Ananda Hemp has been doing CBD hemp products for decades. The Hemp Haus recommends the slow and steady release of Ananda CBD Gels for chronic pain, inflammation and anxiety that can intensify with winter weather and festivities. Ananda CBD Tinctures are fast-acting and come in several strengths: 200 mg, 300 mg, 600 mg and 2000 mg. Ananda also makes a salve, an intimate Bliss Oil and a CBD extract for pets; those guys are susceptible to winter aches too! And don’t we know you’ve got a stocking hanging for your furry family member!

Puffin Hemp Liposomal CBD provides powerful and fast-acting relief from anxiety, inflammation and insomnia. At The Hemp Haus, we have seen it improve the quality of life for many of our clients. Wouldn’t that be an amazing gift to give? Puffin Hemp Liposomes are available in three strengths: 350 mg, 700 mg or 1000 mg. It is the fastest-acting, highest-absorbing CBD product available, and you’ll find it at The Hemp Haus.

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