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Zoe’s House: Creating A Plan for Expectant Mothers and Adoptive Families

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Pregnancy often comes as an answer to years of prayers. There are times, however, when it comes as a daunting, unplanned surprise.

Shelby was shocked to discover she was pregnant, and even more surprised when she was told she was 32 weeks along. A career woman with no room in her plan for an unexpected pregnancy, she insisted on a second ultrasound. The doctor told her, “You’re not 32 weeks pregnant, you’re 36 weeks pregnant.”

In distress, she left the office and went to a local pregnancy care center looking for help. After determining that she was not in a place to choose to parent, they referred her to Zoe’s House.

Zoe’s House is a private placement adoption service. They work closely with expectant women to help them determine what is best, including talking about open adoption and what characteristics they would like in an adoptive family for their baby. Zoe’s House is known for top tier care for expectant moms, treating them with the dignity they deserve and working towards their long-term goals.

Shelby’s initial concerns were privacy and medical care. She hadn’t been aware she was pregnant, so there had been no prenatal care during the pregnancy. Almost immediately, Zoe’s House was able to get her a comprehensive ultrasound and connect her with a doctor who would accept a patient so close to full term. It wasn’t just a matter of timing; it was important that the doctor understand the need for discretion.  

Shelby felt the need to keep this entirely secret. She didn’t want her family to know, and she was about to change jobs. The doctor took a look at the timeline and agreed that it was responsible to induce labor on the very week that she had off of work between jobs. After much consideration, she chose a family and met with them one time in the Zoe’s House offices. They were a young couple who struggled with infertility. She liked the idea of someone’s dreams being realized through all this.

Originally, Shelby wanted a closed adoption, meaning she and the adoptive parents would have no contact. In years past, it was often thought that was best for a child. Recent studies, however, have proven that it adds other pressures to all parties involved, and that open or semi-open adoption provides a better path to healing. Rather than closing herself off, Shelby asked the adoptive family to form a private Facebook page to allow her to see pictures or get updates. Shelby gave birth to a son and continued with her life even as another family had the honor of raising him. It was difficult, but her decision to make an adoption plan was just as loving as the family who took him home from the hospital as their own.

Since 2015, Zoe’s House has provided care to both expectant mothers and adoptive families. Zoe’s House is licensed to serve expectant mothers in Kansas and Missouri and has placed children in families across the nation.

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