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ShareWaves: Linking Physical Activity, Exercise and Sports Participation to adolescent Well-Being

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Since the onset of the pandemic, many children have dealt with isolation and inactivity, resulting in a surge in mental health problems, leading to a nationwide adolescent mental health crisis. Many still struggle with the traumatic experiences caused by extended social isolation, such as educational uncertainty, depression, and loneliness. COVID pushed an existing line of disparity in sports access to a breaking point as restrictions further limited organized sports and extracurricular activities.

Today, The ShareWaves Foundation, a Kansas City nonprofit, is working to combat these crises through the power of sports and team play. ShareWaves invests in communities with the lowest incomes by delivering high-quality physical activity experiences to kids from under-resourced areas who often experience multi-layered barriers. ShareWaves is currently partnering with Rockhurst Highschool and University of Missouri alumnae, football standout Tony Temple and Temple Made Fitness (TFM). Tony’s “Animal Movements” fitness and educational programs address critical deficits in youth health and wellness. In addition, TMF is on a mission to reach, educate and inspire youth and families through food education, movement with and without equipment, and life planning. For more information,

How can you help? Invest in our “Programs of Recovery.”
Your financial support will fund one of the following six grassroots “Programs of Recovery” initiatives that work to alleviate severe deficits in communities.

1. Funding for “Animal Movements” fitness and education programs allows more than 7,500 area elementary-aged children to participate through structured partnerships with local schools, community centers and nonprofit organizations.

2. Game-Changing Grants allow greater access to sports for more than 1,000 area children.

3. #MovementIsTheMedicine programs connect physical activity, exercise and sports participation to better serve adolescents’ well-being, improve their mental health and support teenage
suicide prevention.

4. #Ready2Play Training Experiences for Kids help young athletes keep their minds, body and spirit engaged and excited about physical fitness.

5. 4D Athletes teaches essential life skills such as confidence, leadership, gratitude and goal setting. This initiative focuses on parents and coaches with resources, so kids get the most out of the youth sports experience.

6.The Invisible Riptide offers practical information and actionable strategies for kids to learn how to normalize, understand and face their “new normal.” Books and resources provided.
Studies have found that increased physical activity levels directly relate to school performance, particularly in math, reading and retention of information. In addition, physical activity aids in physical development leading to stronger muscles, bones, joints and heart, as well as a decreased risk of type 2 diabetes, and improves social and emotional development. Sports will continue to teach valuable lessons like teamwork, fair play, sportsmanship, leadership, discipline and communication. With your help, ShareWaves will be able to continue to keep our children active, healthy and engaged.

Movement is essential for a healthier, positive mental perspective. The prescription for improving mental health is re-engaging with quality physical experiences. Join The ShareWaves Foundation as we empower our community to connect, heal, thrive and reduce the stigma of seeking help for mental health.

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