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Safehome: Hope Lives Here

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It all starts with a call to our hotline: “Hello, how can I help you?” 

Each year Safehome’s 24-hour hotline receives countless calls from survivors seeking support, a way out of a seemingly hopeless situation. In fact, in 2020, Safehome hotline advocates answered 3,271 calls, an extraordinary number considering most callers were sheltering in place with their abuser. Despite a nationwide pandemic, Safehome team members came together to empower survivors to change their lives. 

Providing 10,347 safe bed nights for residents and 773 individuals with free individual therapy isn’t something that happens overnight. Safehome team members have come together to make the changes necessary to serve more survivors of abuse each year. 

President and CEO Heidi Wooten is known by her team as being a fierce change maker. One of her favorite sayings, “I can eat change for breakfast every day!” isn’t just something she says; it’s her philosophy, and one that has helped bring new life to everything from the newly renovated shelter to the Safehome logo. Most importantly, positive change can be seen in the decrease in wait time for clients seeking therapy and support. The changes made are not limited to the services provided within the shelter walls. Safehome has been able to assist clients and children in taking that next step to independence with transitional housing. 

As our friend Glennon Doyle reminds us, We Can Do Hard Things! If you’re interested in joining an army of fierce love warriors, lace up those tennis shoes or slip on your cheetah-print heels and reach out to Safehome to find out how you can Be the Love with Safehome and make a lifesaving difference.

Renovating this old hotel is just one way this team has brought new life to the only domestic violence agency in Johnson County, and the largest in the state of Kansas.

• Building a fierce and passionate leadership team and a culture that believes in abundance and DREAMS BIG.
• Hiring ROCK STARS, increasing diversity and inclusion at all levels of the organization.

• Creating strong community partnerships, such as with the district attorney’s office, police departments, hospitals, businesses, donors and other non-profit partners.
• Making self-care a top priority for clients and Safehome team members.
• Creating the Be the Love with Safehome domestic violence awareness initiative; from volunteering to fundraising, there is something for everyone.
  Creating fun events that people want to come to, such as the upcoming Hearts On Hope event on September 16. Visit for ticket information.

• Most importantly, inspiring and empowering women and children and sharing their stories to make the biggest difference.