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Mission Driven: Creating Hope for Long-Term Shelter Animals

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Animal shelters are filled with pets, young and old. Finding homes for the young ones is much easier than older pets. Sometimes finding homes for them is challenging; they need someone to share their story. They need a voice. 

Scott Poore is their voice. He left corporate America to do what he loves most—animal rescue work. With the help of his lovable Wheaten terrier, Leo, they find homes for the long-term shelter pets most people pass. 

Mission Driven exists to allow Scott to volunteer his days at animal shelters and find long-term shelter pets loving homes. His motto, “It’s not what you can get; it’s what you can give that makes the world a better place,” is evident by the work he does every day. Although he has been volunteering at animal shelters for over 20 years, in 2016 he made it his lifelong calling. 

One of the first days as a full-time volunteer at a local animal shelter, Scott noticed some kennels with signs that read, “Staff only can interact with this animal.” These animals were drastically different looking than the ones that everyday volunteers helped. At that moment, everything changed for him as he realized what he would do with the animals nobody wanted. He would turn them into animals everybody wanted.

These homeless pets have been so neglected or abused that they suffered from behavior issues or were just old senior animals. To the average person walking into the animal shelter looking to adopt, these were the last animals they would ever consider bringing home. Through the Mission Driven platform, Scott can share the stories of the abuse and neglect the animal may have faced. He also shares how trust can be gained and that animals are lovable and adoptable under that rough exterior.

A particular dog had come from a home abusive toward both the humans and the dog. He had been in the shelter for weeks but still sat at the back of the kennel and shook. Scott got permission from the staff to sit on the floor with the pet. For the first two months, he didn’t touch the dog. He just sat there. His focus was to gain trust and try not to force himself into the animal’s world. The dog didn’t even sit next to him until after the first month. Then after a couple of more weeks, the dog put his head on Scott’s leg. Very gently, he petted his back. That day they became friends.

Mission Driven is not a 501(c)(3) yet, but they are still daily living out their mission to find homes for long-term shelter pets. Through the pet-themed apparel sales, Mission Driven can share stories of long-term pets; fundraise for animal shelters; use their platform to encourage donations to rescue animal campaigns; and spend quality time with some veteran four-legged residents to help them find a forever home.

In the first three years, Mission Driven raised close to $300,000 for animal shelters and helped place 700 non-highly adoptable pets. And one of those inspiring campaigns ensured that every single shelter dog in Kansas and Missouri had a new bed!

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