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Hope House: A Source of Safety and Strength

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“I never thought I would love again,” said Mary, a survivor of domestic violence. 

Mary lived in a nice neighborhood, and from an outsider’s perspective, she had the perfect life. What they didn’t see was the endless emotional and physical abuse happening inside the walls. Mary had been married to her husband for two years, after a five-year steady relationship. The physical abuse didn’t start until after the wedding. 

But when she looked back, there had been signs. 

He had all the power from the beginning, including emotional manipulation and financial control. Mary never felt she could make her own decisions. Her husband never allowed her to have a job. He never hurt the kids but it had gotten so bad it was only a matter of time before he might have started hurting them too. All her friends had vanished because he didn’t approve of them. Her friends and family never saw the physical abuse but were never comfortable with him. They said they felt like he was fake or was always wearing a mask around them. 

The power he had over her is what many women face in situations of domestic violence.

The night Mary took her two children and ran was the most life-changing decision she ever made. They left with only two bags and went to her sister’s house. Mary called Hope House and that is when the magical part of her story began. At Hope House, Mary and her children were finally able to breathe and feel safe. “Hope House was what saved my life and allowed me to regain the strength to grow and begin a new life with my kids, free from abuse.” 

So much has changed for Mary since the night she decided to leave. She has found love again and has never been happier. She is able to give her kids the life they deserve. “It took a lot of time, but from the therapy I received at Hope House, I was able to trust, and I was not only able to feel love but I was able to actually love someone again.”

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• One in four women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime.
• Eight million unpaid work days are lost by women every year because of abuse.
• From October 2016 to September 2017, Hope House received 5,171 crisis hotline calls and provided 35,108 emergency safe nights.
• During the same period, Hope House had 1,596 contacts in Order of Protection Court; had 437 children in emergency shelter; and had 5,450 civil cases in municipal court.

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