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Helping Hands: The Healing Chair

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written by janette slusher  |  photos provided by the healing chair


The Healing Chair is a local not-for-profit organization that supports Kansas City-area breast cancer patients by purchasing and loaning reclining lift chairs to aid in their healing and recovery at home following mastectomy surgeries.


The chairs are loaned free of charge and are delivered by volunteers prior to the surgery date. When the delivery is made, The Healing Chair volunteers also provide the recipient with a soft, fuzzy blanket that is theirs to keep. There is a journal that travels with the chair, and each recipient is invited to write their story and read stories of recipients who have had the chair prior to them. Once the patient no longer needs the chair, typically in four to five weeks, volunteers pick up the chair and take it to another patient in need.


The Healing Chair was started in St. Louis in 2012 when a group of women decided to raise money to purchase a lift chair for a friend after her mastectomy surgery. After witnessing several friends and family members go through breast cancer, Amy Taitt, a Kansas City native and nurse by trade, wanted to bring the idea to Kansas City so she could help others feel loved and supported during their breast cancer journey.


In October 2015, Amy started with one chair and enlisted the help of three friends, two of whom are breast cancer survivors, to launch the “chair-ity” in Kansas City. By the end of that month, they had identified their first recipient, Natalie Thompson, and were able to loan her a chair for her home recovery. Natalie shared about the chair and how it helped during her recovery, “You guys are fabulous and I’m so glad I met you. I have more confidence than ever knowing that you four are on my side. The chair has been SO helpful. The pain is slowly getting better but I’m amazed at how difficult it is to stand up. Thank you again so much! You guys are such an inspiration!” Her mom noted, “These women are a phenomenal group of love, kindness, compassion and hope. Natalie’s chair was a large part of her sailing through the recovery after surgery. It’s great to know that these ladies are doing all they can to help breast cancer survivors!”


In December and January, The Healing Chair partnered with Overland Park Mexican restaurant Tequila Harry’s and Country Club Plaza jewelry store Kendra Scott to raise money to purchase more chairs. Both organizations generously donated 20 percent of their event’s proceeds, and, as a result, with the help of other donations, more chairs have been purchased. Five chairs are currently in rotation, and The Healing Chair expects to have 17 chairs in rotation by early spring to help women who are on the wait list for a chair.


While many women either don’t own a recliner or insurance won’t cover the cost of purchasing one, the chairs have been a welcomed source of comfort and support for the recipients. Because all funds raised for The Healing Chair go completely to a cause that helps women in the Kansas City area, the response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive.


To learn more about The Healing Chair, to make a donation or to sponsor a chair, please find us on Facebook at HLM


The Healing Chair is a 501(c)(3) organization.