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Helping Hands: Save, Inc.

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For Tony F. of Kansas City, Missouri, the word “home” immediately came to mind when thinking about the locally founded philanthropy SAVE, Inc. “I am so happy to have a roof over my head. If I didn’t have that, I’d just be trying to stay safe and get by. Now that I have a home, I don’t spend all of my time just trying to survive. I can think about other aspects of my life,” Tony said.

Tony, like many of SAVE, Inc.’s, residents, is battling a dual diagnosis of HIV/AIDS and mental illness. His days on the streets consisted of hanging out with friends, drinking, getting high and not taking medications for his illnesses. Now that he has entered a SAVE, Inc., program, he has a home and his medical issues are under control.

SAVE, Inc., believes that access to housing and healthcare services is a basic human right. The Kansas-City based organization has spent three decades ensuring the most vulnerable people in Kansas City have access to permanent housing and the support systems they need to rebuild their health and dignity.

SAVE, Inc., provides housing options for 900 individuals and families each month. All of its clients are socially and medically disadvantaged individuals who are battling the dual crisis of homelessness and a disability, whether it is HIV/AIDS, mental illness or substance abuse.

“Permanent supportive housing is among the most cost-effective ways to help those in need. Without access to safe, affordable housing, many individuals would likely find themselves cycling through other public systems such as jails, shelters, emergency rooms and mental health facilities,” said Blaine Proctor, CEO. “These systems are not designed to be long-term solutions.”

SAVE, Inc., owns and operates 66 units of housing ranging from studio apartments to three-bedroom units in Kansas City. A Supportive Housing specialist assists clients living on these properties with everything from transportation for doctor appointments, navigation of disability benefits, even assistance securing documents such as birth certificates. These are needs that aren’t addressed by their medical case manager. HLM