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Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City: Building Great Futures

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Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City never takes a single approach to helping a kid succeed. This means that every program, every connection and every effort are customized with a specific focus in mind: Aid inner-city kids and youth from disadvantaged circumstances to find their future success.

Sadly, opportunities for youth from Kansas City’s poorest neighborhoods are slim. When the combined median household income is often less than $28,000, there is little room in the budget for organized sports, healthy lifestyles, technology, arts and culture or leadership training. 

Boys & Girls Clubs are the only dedicated KC youth development organization with facilities right in the heart of these neighborhoods. Being a part of the community gives the Boys & Girls Club staff the chance to consistently be there for its Club members even when their families are at work. The Club becomes a home away from home and the staff and other Club friends become a second family. “I watch every single day as a staff member or a fellow Club member lifts up or inspires another Club member,” said Dr. Dred Scott, president and CEO of Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City. “The only way this happens is through a personal connection among Club kids and our staff.” 

Last year was a record year for Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City. With new funding and partnerships, the Clubs announced two new school-based sites, new programming, new staff positions, facility updates and remodels, the acquisition of a new passenger bus, the construction of innovative MakerSpaces and much more.

It’s always exciting to be able to serve even more young people in Kansas City with a center expansion. In 2019, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City razed a run-down home next door to its J&D Wagner Unit, making way for a 5,000-square-foot building extension and new teen center to open later this year. 

The Club’s ultimate goal is to keep 100 percent of its Club kids on track for high school graduation with post-secondary plans in place. This goal has been achieved for the past three years! In addition, it is a priority to help Club kids raise their test scores, increase Club membership (it’s only $15 for the year!) and enhance teen programming and recruitment. “We want to be more than a safe and fun place. Sure, that’s very important, especially to the younger children. But as the kids get into middle school and high school, our priorities begin to shift to high-impact youth development programs, quality mentorships, academic success, good character and active citizenship,” said Dr. Scott. “We understand that we can become part of helping these young people lead healthy, productive lives and look forward to a bright, successful future of their choice.”

In addition to the expansion, the Clubs added another MakerSpace at the Breidenthal Unit in Wyandotte County. But what is a MakerSpace? Typically sponsored by local corporations or grants, the space (or room) is filled with state-of-the art technology offering a creative outlet for Club members. This new STEM-focused space gives teens the opportunity to learn and explore a variety of high-tech options that fit their inclinations. Features include video production technology, robotics equipment, 3D printer, fashion design station and a fully functional recording studio.

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