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Beauty in Everything Foundation: Empowering Girls to Thrive

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A young, junior high girl in western Kansas who is being raised by her wonderful 82-year-old grandfather is just one of many girls Tricia Jacobson has met who don’t have motherly figures in their lives to help guide them through the critical teen years. In addition, these girls may not have access to the hygiene and feminine essentials every girl needs to thrive.

The Beauty in Everything Foundation has set out to eliminate this obstacle for as many girls as they can.

Tricia Jacobson, founder and CEO of Crossing Arrows, formed the Beauty in Everything Foundation to inspire and empower the next generation of girls. The foundation is committed to fostering the development of girls and young women by giving them access to resources and opportunities.

“Not having access to proper essentials can impede children’s ability to learn and can contribute to social, emotional and behavioral problems. Our passion for children and our desire for every girl to thrive is the driving force behind our foundation and our programs,” Mrs. Jacobson said.

One program the foundation recently launched is the Beauty in Everything Box, a box that girls can have sent to their home at no cost, filled with basic hygiene and feminine essentials, hygiene tips and inspirational messages.

The foundation is developing partnerships with other local organizations, national hygiene companies and sponsors to develop and grow the Beauty in Everything Box program to expand the availability to girls throughout the Kansas City community. The organization is also committed to helping girls develop the skills they need to be self-sufficient, courageous and to pursue their passions.

Additionally, the Beauty in Everything Foundation hosts the annual Beauty in Everything Tour, a fun and powerful event for girls in the Kansas City community. Future programs include a mentorship program and the kindness project.

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