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Altered Stories Ministry: #BeHeard #BeHealed

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Women’s lives are being transformed around the world and it’s starting right here, in Overland Park, Kansas! Since Altered Stories Ministry was established February 12, 2019, as a 501(c)3 nonprofit, many women have shared the gift of their life-altering God stories on the Altered Stories Show global podcast platform. Our inspirational and profound stories of survival and victory over difficult circumstances include stories of overcoming miscarriages, debilitating depression, psychiatric abuse, childhood sexual abuse, alcoholism and bullying, sex trafficking, domestic violence, cancer, chemical dependency, divorce, loss of loved ones and physical trauma resulting in death and back-to-life miracle. The healing power of these women verbalizing their life-changing experiences is not only beneficial for each one of them, but to all those who need to hear their stories as well.

Mischelle Saunders-Gottsch is the CEO and founder of Altered Stories Ministry and podcast host of the Altered Stories Show. Her professional background includes a successful senior management career working for Fortune 500 companies and high-profile faith-based non-profit organizations and serving as a volunteer on women’s leadership teams to support women’s programs. Mischelle is committed to the success of each woman who tells her story and giving her a voice. The call on her life to help women share their inspirational God stories stemmed from her experience of emotional healing that resulted when she shared her childhood cult survivor story with others and saw how her story affected those who heard it. Her Altered Story can be heard on The Halfway There, Unresolved Life and Gifts for Glory podcasts and on the Altered Stories Show Episode 14 podcast. 

There is far more than meets the eye on the Altered Stories Show. The process of writing, recording, launching and creating the podcast episode page for each story requires time and attention to detail. Each guest’s bio, photos and text present a professional and personal page. The podcast show recordings take place in person or remotely over ZOOM, based on the guest’s need. Several in-person recordings have been conducted at the Altered Stories Ministry podcast studio at Office Evolution in Overland Park.  

The Altered Stories Show is a member of the Christian Podcasters Association and can be heard on Google Podcasts, iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify,, iHeart Radio, Podyssey and Libsyn. The show has over 1,000 listeners and continues to grow. Listeners are located all over the world and range in age groups. 

Altered Stories Ministry is also a member of Nonprofit Connect and has received a 2019 Bronze Seal of Transparency from GuideStar. Volunteers and paid services vendors help support our organization, but to continue to grow more resources are needed. Volunteers needed are board secretary, monthly guest bloggers and fundraiser coordinator roles. 

Altered Stories Ministry is celebrating our one-year anniversary this month. We invite you to be part of our celebration; please visit for volunteer and sponsorship opportunities. All donations are tax deductible. Your support and contributions enable us to further our mission of helping women be heard and letting inner healing take place.

Written by: Vickie Jo Sings, ASM Volunteer Content Editor