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7 Billion Ones: This is the You Matter Movement

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Simply put, 7 Billion Ones’ vision is to change the world through people and their stories. As an ongoing movement, it exists to document and share stories to connect and empower people.

In 2015, Randy Bacon of Springfield Missouri, founded and launched the nonprofit humanitarian story movement, 7 Billion Ones, which documents lives, shares stories, connects communities and empowers mankind. 7 Billion Ones is fully dedicated to using the art of photography, motion films and written word to present people’s unique stories in an artful, raw, impacting form, so that human transformation occurs exponentially. The story movement reaches a worldwide audience via sharing and connecting people through the enormous power of the World Wide Web.

In 2017, the non-profit launched its first branch expansion to Kansas City. The director of the Kansas City chapter is Jody Allen of Olathe, Kansas. The Kansas City chapter has already shared dozens upon dozens of heartfelt stories from the KC area. Jody says seeing the storyteller through the storytelling process and the transformations that occur within the storyteller and the readers is empowering. Stories heal, change and empower other humans, including the storyteller. Through the transformational power of stories, the “ones” can then positively impact the “billions;” people will be enabled to more freely live life and fulfill their innate purposes to make this world a better place to live.

Partnerships can change the world, and 7 Billion Ones cannot change the world alone. 7 Billion Ones has partnered with a multitude of organizations, groups and nonprofits, locally and internationally, that cover a variety of projects, some of which are ongoing, all with hearts on fire for compassion to impact, empower, improve and help mankind. For some, that is to bring awareness to the people they serve; for some it is to aid in ending the stigma around a specific topic, or show a raw, truthful perspective around an issue or marginalized group of people. This is an incredible way to show the heart behind an organization, grow and strengthen the people you serve and your audience and consumers, and create lasting change that truly impacts people and makes the world a better place.

Do you want to partner with 7 Billion Ones? If you’re interested in working together to change lives and make the world a better place, bring awareness and real change to a topic, highlight the wonderful people you serve, or have stories that need to be shared, please contact to talk about partnering to further the mission of what you do and bring hope and healing to the people you serve, and the thousands upon thousands of people all over the world engaging in the 7 Billion Ones community.

To read these stories and learn more about 7 Billion Ones, visit #YOUMATTER