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WingStand: Much More Than Chicken!

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If you think the new WingStand by Jefferson’s is just another fast-casual chicken place in an already crowded specialty restaurant market, you need to run, not walk, to get a taste of chicken heaven, and see for yourself.

WingStand differentiates themselves by doing a few things. First, hands down, their chicken simply tastes awesome! The tenders are huge and juicy. The chicken wings are big, perfectly cooked and have just the right amount of crunch. The reason WingStand, well, stands out is probably because their wings and tenders are fresh, never frozen. It’s not something many of their competitors can claim.

“We knew the catch to capturing the attention of today’s customers was that somehow we had to be different and be better,” said Brandon Graham, president of Jefferson’s Franchise Systems, the restaurant umbrella company that created WingStand. “We’ve poured ourselves into every ingredient, every flavor combination and every menu item so that our customers will fall in love with every single bite at WingStand. And that’s how we intend to stand out.”

And that they did. All of my fellow tasting crew fell hopelessly in love with WingStand’s signature sandwich, the Double Dipped. It’s hand-breaded chicken breast tossed in their Turbo sauce and refried for a crispy sandwich, giving it big flavor and a crunchy exterior. Then, it’s topped with their house-made ranch, mild sauce and pickles. I’d suggest ordering a side of coleslaw or asking that they add a little on the sandwich!

A tie for second place is WingStand’s other two sandwiches. Always hand breaded, one is called Signature Sauced and is tossed in your choice of one of the signature sauces and topped with honey slaw. The other is Gochu-DANG!, tossed in the delicious and unique Gochujang sauce.

And that brings me to the signature sauces. This is probably my all-time favorite thing about WingStand, which prides itself on its more than 18 sauces from mild to hot and sweet to savory. Menu developers for WingStand had a plan to create enough sauces to please all customers. As for me, I simply have a general fondness for condiment choices. But remember, the sauces aren’t only for the wings! All menu items can be tossed in the signature sauces including the jumbo tenders, crispy chicken sandwiches and even the Mac ’n’ Cheese.

Speaking of the Mac ’n’ Cheese, it isn’t your teenager’s Kraft version. I’d describe it as a rich and creamy mac ’n’ cheese entrée loaded with flavorful chicken tenders and many other toppings. It is just the kind of menu item a true flavor junkie like me would adore. In fact, it was very difficult to decide exactly which one I thought was the most outstanding so it took many, many bites during our tasting.

In the end, all were delicious, but my favorite was the Double Dipped Hot Honey Mac, which features the creamy white cheddar mac ’n’ cheese topped with double-dipped crispy chicken and bacon bits and then drizzled with Mike’s Hot Honey and sprinkled with green onions. My recommendation is to try all three and see for yourself.

Even if you’re not a wing connoisseur, this is such a fun restaurant, and there are lots of options for everyone. You’ll discover with your first bite, WingStand this isn’t your typical chicken joint.

Classic Heat Sauces

Hot Atomic Scorpion
(Warning: This one has after effects that are out of this world! The spiciest sauce that gives a new meaning to hot wings.) 

Two WingStand Locations in KC
(more locations soon to open)

5438 Johnson Drive
Mission, Kansas 66205
Partnered with Sully’s Pub, the local bar next door. Order drinks to enjoy on the WingStand patio or order food to enjoy inside Sully’s Pub. 

7715 State Line Road
Kansas City, Mo. 64114

Order and get deliveries online through the website:

By: Megan Neher

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