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Urban Egg: Cuisine That’s Sweet, Savory and Oh So Satisfying

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Few things have the possibilities of an egg. Aside from the obvious ability to become a chicken, eggs are the perfect start to your day and the perfect dinner! They are amazing all by their sunny little selves, whether fried, deviled, poached, soft or hard boiled and they’re also an integral ingredient in most of the foods you enjoy. They provide leavening, binding, aeration, or fluffiness, texture, flavor and color. So much possibility in the palm of your hand!

When rich, delicious, pasture eggs are placed in the hands of the innovative culinary team at the Urban Egg, there seems to be no limit to the eggstraordinary things that can happen!

Standards are high at the Urban Egg, and it starts with the eggs! Pasture-raised hens produce an egg that is more rich and creamy, plus they boast nutrient levels that are double that of cage-free eggs. The Urban Egg sources local ingredients and they partner with small producers offering fresh, chemical-free, delicious produce, meats and cheeses. Their high standards for quality ingredients are matched by their standards for innovation and flavorful presentation.

The Urban Egg team wakes early each day to prepare their made-from-scratch approach to breakfast. The philosophy is simple. Each plate for each guest, focusing on innovative flavor profiles with elevated presentation. They strive to serve America’s best breakfast.

Yes, I’ve set your expectations high, but I can’t overstate how much I enjoyed my Urban Egg experience. I look forward to sitting on their spacious patio in the warmer days to come and maybe switch out my coffee for a Ginger Splash, fresh-blended carrot and ginger with local honey. I’ll get to the brunch menu, but first I’d like to tell you about the founder, Randy Price.

Randy grew up in KC, has a radiant smile, is full of energy and he cannot wait to serve you the best breakfast you’ve ever had. From what I can see, the vibe starts at the top and flows through the entire staff. “My wife and I love Kansas City,” Randy affirmed. “It was a natural choice for us as we looked to venture out of Colorado with the expansion of Urban Egg. Having gone to high school here, moved back out of college to work with the Houston’s restaurant group, we knew Kansas City would embrace our culinary-driven and quality-first approach to breakfast. There is so much heart in this town. KC is truly a town that embraces quality and welcomes restaurants that wish to prepare the most flavorful, innovative food. It is a very educated and sophisticated market when it comes to brunch. We felt it was a natural fit for Urban Egg and we are stoked to be part of such a great community.”

Randy’s passion clearly extends well beyond the kitchen. We talked about Midwest values and the importance of demonstrating a strong sense of community. He shared the many ways Urban Egg gives back to the communities surrounding each of their eight restaurants in Colorado, focusing on helping those in foster care and investing in libraries, open green space and education. Randy and his wife have some terrific ideas for their Kansas City community.

While the name may suggest they only do egg things such as bennies, omelets and scrambles, that’s just not the case. Urban Egg was voted Best Pancakes in both Colorado and Kansas last year and it’s easy to see why. The Gourmet Pancake Flight includes three pancakes, your choice of Strawberry Cheesecake, Blueberry Streusel, Cinnamon Swirl, Dutch Apple or Fred’s Hawaiian featuring pineapple and toasted coconut. If you’re a French toast fan, order the Stuffed French Toast, local farm-to-market brioche with infused cream cheese, caramel drizzle, fresh berries and crème anglaise, maple syrup and whipped cream.

While Randy and I were talking, the Chicken and Waffles arrived. I stopped mid-sentence and just stared. There were two Eggs Benedict sitting proudly atop the chicken with the perfect amount of Hollandaise running down the sides. I lowered my head to check out the waffle as Randy said, “The waffle will be the best you’ve tasted. It is an artisan-inspired Belgian waffle made with caramelized pearl sugar.” As I cut into the poached egg, the bright, golden-orange yolk slowly ran to the fried chicken, and I managed a small piece of the waffle in the same bite. Sweet, savory and satisfying. He was right, that was an amazing waffle.

If you like it spicy, try the Denver Hot Chicken Eggs Benedict. The waffle is swapped for a buttermilk biscuit and the chicken gets its kick from the roasted chili buffalo sauce. The creamy ranch hollandaise sauce with blue cheese crumbles balances the heat and adds a creamy touch to the crunch, simply delicious.

The Espresso Martini, Bloody Mary or BC Aperol Spritz are a great way to start your brunch. If you must wait to be seated, have a seat at the bar and Tony will get things started! Need to get back to work? Get your morning rolling with a latte, cappuccino or chai; Urban Egg proudly brews locally roasted, fair trade coffee from KC’s very own, The Roasterie! Looking for a vitamin boost? Try the staff favorite, The Cure, with pineapple, vanilla, orange juice and coconut water. Want something refreshing? Order the Cucumber Invigorator or the house-made Strawberry Basil Lemonade.
Say the next four words out loud. See if anyone near you spins and says, “What?” Bloody. Mary. Grilled. Cheese. Yes, it’s as amazing as you’re imagining. This past week I was small talking with a couple at the gym. One asked about a restaurant recommendation, and I quickly asked if they’d been to Urban Egg and had the Bloody Mary Grilled Cheese. Before they could say a word, someone behind me said, “Bloody Mary Grilled Cheese? You talkin’ about Urban Egg? That place is DOPE!” Yes, sir. It is truly dope. It has everything you expect in a great breakfast or brunch plus many things you’re not expecting!

Urban Egg doesn’t take reservations, but they love knowing that you’re coming by, so check out their website and get in line. If you visit in the month of April, be sure to wish them happy birthday; they’ve been in KC one year! Urban Egg is looking to add four to five additional locations to the Kansas City market. Randy is happy to be bringing America’s Best Breakfast back home to Kansas City.

Find Urban Egg at 4921 W. 119th Street, Overland Park, Kansas, 913-586-7500 and