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The Farmhouse: Local, Fresh, Creative!

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Large chalkboards artfully display the daily specials and proudly list the local farmers chosen as partners in the quest for serving fresh, locally sourced, ethically raised, seasonal fare that’s unmatched in creativity. I’d been told The Farmhouse was a great spot for an even greater meal, so I looked forward to meeting the masterminds behind this 12-year success story and taste their genius.

You’ll find The Farmhouse at the corner of 3rd and Delaware in the vibrant, urban village we love as Kansas City’s River Market. The space is warmed by friendly conversation and a flood of natural light. This space is storied and historic; the old hardwoods creak a bit and the grand brick walls are the backdrop for original art and casual eclectic decor. Outside, the shaded patio is spacious, breezy and easy, but around the corner I found the first of many delightful surprises. They have their own garden! The staff helps care for the garden of herbs, greens and a bit of produce. Now, that’s local!

The chill vibe of The Farmhouse is what you see and feel, but the focus, intention and effort that go into every bite are what you taste. Owners Chef Vincent Paredes and Marty Enslein serve up the best brunch in KC and apparently I’m not the only one who thinks so; they have been voted “Best Brunch in KC” by multiple publications, each year, since 2017. 

Now, where to begin! Every dish was a unique experience and each bite was both eye-popping “WOW” and eyes closed “woaaah.” Personally, I love creative eggs so that’s where I’ll start! Marty and Vincent source their eggs from Buttonwood Farms; whether sunny side up, scrambled or poached, these eggs are amazing. The yolks are bright, creamy and oh so rich. Both weekend and weekday menus offer traditional eggs Benedict, featuring Golden Rule ham atop local challah bread from Bloom Bakery and drizzled with homemade hollandaise. Chef Vincent has also created two surprise “Benny” (eggs Benedict) plates that may change your life. How do I know? Because they changed mine! Imagine swapping the traditional ham with a fried green tomato from Crum’s Heirlooms Produce, or house-cured smoked sushi-grade salmon and Thane Palmberg onions on a local Meshuggah everything bagel. If you love eggs, The Farmhouse Benny plates are a must-order item. However, about the time you have made your final decision of which Benny plate you’re ordering, one of their super-friendly servers will stroll by with a plate of signature Corned Beef Hash. That whiff of savory peppers, onions, squash, potatoes, cheddar cheese, Barham Family Farms beef, two Buttonwood Farm eggs on top and covered in an indescribable black pepper cream sauce could cause you to reconsider your order. Hold on, don’t order yet; you’ll need to ask about the Queso Fundido, Boulevard Brewery’s KC Pilsner, Hemme Brothers’ white cheddar, Green Dirt Farms tomme and homemade chorizo, smooth cheese, the right amount of spice, fresh diced tomatoes and avocado. Scrumptious! 

Looking for something a little sweeter? Their French Toast is made with Bloom Bakery brioche and topped with local berries. Or consider the Parfait that starts with local yogurt from Belfonte and topped with house made almond granola and those same berries. Oh! You like something sweet with a savory twist? The Farmhouse cinnamon rolls are iconic and can be ordered with bacon crumbles on top. 

I asked the chef if he had a favorite meal to create. With a big smile he said, “Oh! For sure it’s brunch, because there are no rules! A brunch menu allows the most creativity; you can combine typical lunch and dinner items like steak, corned beef or queso with eggs, potatoes and bacon.” My conversation with Vincent and Marty was inspiring and delightful. These two understand the importance of contrast, or push and pull. Contrast is something people are drawn to; it attracts the eye and creates interest. It’s also something that isn’t obvious or noticed, it’s experienced. Push and pull creates that feeling of things working together exceptionally well in a complementary, balanced manner. 

I believe contrast is the “secret sauce” for Vincent and Marty! The historic space is contrasted with the modern take on brunch; the chill vibe complements the effort and intention in every plate in the same manner the energetic, natural light enjoyed by the front tables complements the cozy lighting at the back for customers seeking a longer on-ramp to their day. On the menu, the Marteen is a chimichanga filled with scrambled eggs and burnt ends! Now that’s a contrast that is going exceptionally well! 

Vincent has spent his life cooking, creating and teaching the culinary arts. In contrast, Marty’s background was corporate and while having all the desire to open a restaurant with Vincent, Marty recognized he lacked the experience and knowledge of the restaurant business. “I felt I needed hands-on experience, so I went to work at a local restaurant as a server, then the manager. Best thing I could have done.” Four and half years after the conversation that started it all, Marty and Vincent went into business.

While these two, in fact brothers-in-law, are quite different, they share the same values. “Our employees, the farmers and our community are the most important things, since we consider this a family restaurant. The pandemic forced a reset and, while those were very challenging times, we made all decisions with those three things in mind. We brought back the entire staff when we reopened and at the first of this year, we adjusted to a brunch-only menu while maintaining focus on local, fresh and creative. ” 

The Farmhouse is the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion or no occasion. This is where you bring out-of-town guests to show off Midwest hospitality and Kansas City’s well-earned foodie-town status.

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Written by: Sheryl Hammontree

Art director, illustrator and entrepreneur Sheryl Hammontree is happiest when creating. As a freelancer, she creates visual styling and targeted messaging to strategically solve challenges for clients. As the owner of Thoughtful Threads, she creates expressive apparel to empower people and build a community of kindness. Sheryl heads outside to find energy, inspiration and calm; whether in the garden or on a trail, her soul is fed by creating memories with her husband, Joel, family and friends.