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t.Loft: A Healthy Dose of Fun & Flavor

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Like so many health-conscious Kansas Citians, Stacy Plamondon always looked forward to visiting t.Loft, her local health cafe. Stacy owned and taught at a yoga studio in Overland Park, so the cafe’s menu and convenient location made it the perfect place to meet up with friends or grab dinner. After multiple injuries, Stacy knew she had to make a major change for the sake of her health. “Yoga wasn’t a good fit for me anymore, so we had to close the studio down.”

Change is always hard, but after putting everything into her studio and being so active in the world of yoga, Stacy worried about what was next. “I just felt lost. I didn’t know what to do with myself; I loved owning my own business and empowering people.” Stacy and her husband kept their eyes open for opportunities for the next two years. Suddenly, t.Loft became available. “It was the perfect fit,” she said. “Yoga was my first passion, but food was my second.”

Stacy dealt with a gluten intolerance for years. Unlike the popular fad, her dietary restrictions were serious and made dining out with friends difficult until she found t.Loft. “My life changed when I changed the foods that I ate,” she said. t.Loft is 100 percent gluten-free; there is no cross-contamination so customers with severe allergies can dine confidently.

“Gluten has been so genetically modified, so a lot of people have developed these allergies, autoimmune issues, celiac; I think everyone can benefit from a gluten-free diet,” Stacy said. t.Loft doesn’t use oils or fry food. The portions aren’t oversized and massive like your typical fast-food joint. “I think it makes eating healthy easy and the food tastes really good,” Stacy said. This KC native’s mission is to empower and uplift others through the power of entrepreneurship and healthy food.

t.Loft has a variety of entrees and snacks for everyone. For breakfast, customers can choose among a few different Scramble Bowls, prepped with eggs and your favorite ingredients. Spinach and kale salads make the best lunch options, along with protein shakes and fresh smoothies. They even offer two healthy kid’s plates, the Chicken Little Bowl and the  Eggtastic Bowl.

I started my tasting with two vibrant juices that have graced my Instagram timeline on multiple occasions. The Mean + Clean is made with orange, ginger, carrot, apple and lemon juices. The Alive + Alert is a mixture of kale, spinach, grape, orange, apple and ginger. Both were frothy and beyond refreshing! They’re a great way to curb hunger between meals or help wake you up in the mornings.

The Meal Bowls consist of fresh veggies, protein and flavorful ingredients sautéed and made fresh to order. For a kick of heat, I chose the Spicy Chicken. Quinoa, carrots, avocado, blue cheese and buffalo sauce encase juicy cuts of grilled chicken for the ultimate healthy and oh-so-flavorful meal. 

The Presidente includes grilled chicken, black beans, red peppers, tomatoes, onions, brown rice, avocado and salsa. My favorite ingredient, the diced sweet potatoes, offers the perfect hint of sweetness. I loved the Presidente enough to return to the Leawood location the following afternoon and order it again during my lunch hour.

I finished off my tasting with the classic Primal Bowl, featuring grilled chicken, broccoli, mushrooms, onions, carrots, cashews and tangy, spicy teriyaki sauce. I used to meal prep frequently in college, but I always grew tired of the same old chicken-and-brown-rice combo. One of my absolute favorite things about t.Loft’s bowls? You’ll never tire of the flavorful options as each bowl is so different from the next! 

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard, time-consuming or bland. Swing by any of t.Loft’s four locations for a light breakfast, a fulfilling lunch, post-Vinyasa smoothies or a quick snack on the go. Nourish and power your body without sacrificing your craving for flavor!

Visit t.Loft in Park Place, Stateline Road, Lawrence or The Plaza! Find hours and addresses at 

Written by: Meg Dieter

Cravings writer Meg Dieter is a Kansas City transplant from Cleveland, Ohio. She’s a wife, dog mom, foodie and social media coordinator. Meg spends her weekends at Arrowhead Stadium, River Market and local animal shelters. Her life motto: count the memories, not the calories.