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Enjoy Pure Food + Drink A Delicious Journey to Healthy Eating

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Now that we’ve wrapped up sugar-butter-flour season, it’s time to turn the calendar page. If you’re like most people, you’ve already declared this is the year to begin making better nutritional choices.

If you’re making healthy nutrition shifts in 2023, kick things off with a visit to Enjoy Pure Food + Drink at Mission Farms. Staci Cross and her team have made the on-ramp to healthy eating a breeze! My conversation with Staci was simply delightful. We traded stories of our personal quest for optimal nutrition and a high-vibing life. We discussed the importance of educating the public on the many ways to improve their nutrition and let them know that wherever they are along this path, they are in the perfect spot.

Healthy nutrition is a journey of discovery. Like any other journey, you will need a few things for a successful trip.
1. Travel companions (your accountability team)
2. A destination (on our way to the land of vibin’ high.)
3. A map or guide to get there! (Show us the way, Staci!)

As we begin this journey, we need to be aware of possible roadblocks and detours that may delay our arrival. The most common roadblock to eating healthy is the belief that healthy food doesn’t taste good, and that is simply not true. Let’s begin with a better understanding of what actually makes food taste good.

Fresh tastes better
Cans or cartons of citrus juice will never, ever measure up to the mouth-watering taste and smell of cold-pressed juice in the same way pole-caught tuna, fresh catch salmon and organic chicken taste completely different when compared to farm-raised and heavily processed options. Quality matters in how your food tastes and how your body is nourished. You can trust Enjoy Pure Food + Drink to offer the highest quality available, as every single ingredient is intentionally sourced.

Flavor makes food taste better
Fast food relies on sugar, salt and flour mixed with processed flavors to make low-cost food taste good. In sharp contrast, Enjoy uses real garlic and onion, not powdered, and their cooks are slicing and dicing fresh, organic vegetables and herbs, then layering these crisp, aromatic ingredients with house-made dressings and marinades to create true flavor. The Kimchi Wrap is new on Enjoy’s menu; it is delicious and showcases her intention to create high vibe food! I enjoyed every single bite! The freshness and crunch of the house kimchi combined with lime-pickled onions, chili cucumbers, veggies, mint and their to-die-for miso mayo was tremendously satisfying. It was umami.

Taste the love
Staci and her team feel good about what they serve their loyal customers, so much so that they have their brand promise on the west wall: “Nourish the Mind, Body and Spirit with Every Meal.” Staci understands that what you put into your body directly relates to how you feel, think, sleep and function. This is why Enjoy doesn’t use white sugar, flour or any of the bad oils, and Staci won’t serve tortilla chips unless they are certified organic because she knows a majority of the corn we consume
is GMO.

When your plate arrives, you can see and smell the care and intention that went into your meal. Now that we have a better understanding of how healthy food can be truly delicious, let’s talk about what to order when you visit Enjoy.

Staci and I love kale, brussels sprouts and kimchi. We also prefer to skip gluten and most dairy, but we have been traveling this path for quite a while and our palates have changed over the years. We wouldn’t expect someone starting their healthy nutrition journey to crave a curly kale salad or beet hummus, but what we do suggest is that you and your friends try the Classico Salad. Nothing crazy going on here—you’ll recognize everything in the bowl and immediately taste the difference it makes when your salad is created from fresh, organic, clean-sourced ingredients and topped with house-made dressing.

If you’re looking to try something a little different, consider the handhelds. My favorite was the Kimchi Wrap I mentioned earlier, but the Spicy Rooster with jalapeño aioli, the Gobble It Up Sandwich with coconut bacon or the one I’m trying next time I drop by, the Mexicali Cool Wrap with chicken, Mexican cole slaw, guacamole, white cheddar and cilantro pesto, are tasty. Any can be ordered gluten free or with vegan cheese.

For those who are into culinary adventures, I suggest starting with the Beet Hummus. The taste is as vibrant as the color! Typically, I don’t prefer beets but this was next-level taste and texture, perfectly seasoned with a side of gluten free rice crackers.

I typically skip the gluten and for this reason I may have squeaked with excitement when I saw the Spicy Noodles + Veggies was made with gluten free noodles! I’m having noodles plus I love all things spicy and Thai; I purposely saved this one for last. This is the best kind of comfort food because while it’s warm, delicious and a bit indulgent, I can also take comfort in knowing I’ll feel awesome after enjoying this meal! I won’t have that bloated, sour stomach feeling that comes with most comfort foods because the quality and care that went into this dish is intentional
and exceptional.

Staci’s cocktail menu is exactly what you’d expect; each drink is creative, clean and never uses simple syrup, only fresh-squeezed juices, quality spirits and liqueurs. Enjoy’s cocktail offerings are worth toasting!

As you look forward to 2023, be good to yourself and remember, even the smallest shifts will make big differences over time. Think about it this way, if you change only 1 percent each day, this time next month, you’ll be vibing 31 percent higher!

Enjoy is open seven days a week, opening at 8:00 a.m. Monday through Friday and 9:00 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Check them out online at and maybe order something delicious and nutritious for carryout.