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A Fresh Slice of Flavor: MidiCi, The Neapolitan Pizza Company

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My idea of the perfect restaurant evokes a healthy balance of comfort and elegance; the food is consistently exceptional. The staff is warm and welcoming, and the facility offers a sense of charm that you can’t find anywhere else. MidiCi, The Neapolitan Pizza Company, is my kind of place.

“Ciao!” A chef calls out as customers walk through the door. The lingering winter elements are no match for MidiCi’s optimistic signs of spring, a warm glow from the imported Italian wood-burning ovens and a giant, live olive tree growing in the middle of the venue. The scent of roasted tomatoes and fresh dough fuse together to kick-start your appetite.

Chefs build the entrees behind glass panels that allow customers to watch their orders come to life. I’m mesmerized by a chef pulling and twirling a slab of dough as general manager Tim Strohmeier greets me. “Nothing is touched until it’s ordered,” he promised. I watch in admiration as another pizza aficionado pokes at a pie while it cooks. Tim explained that the Italian ovens burn up to 1,000 degrees and take just 90 seconds to cook a perfect pizza.

MidiCi’s pride is in the process and the food culture. The restaurant uses only fresh, non-genetically modified ingredients. According to Tim, that’s what differentiates a Neapolitan pizza from your typical chain-restaurant. “Neapolitan pizza is really simple. Caputo 00 flour, salt, yeast and water—that’s it.” The flour he refers to is finely ground with lower gluten content. “There’s nothing fake about it! You’re not getting any fresher than this.”

I couldn’t wait to taste the difference, but began with a bestselling shared plate, the Burrata with Melon & Prosciutto. A soft bubble of creamy burrata sits between sweet melon topped with thin slices of dry-cured ham and bread made from pizza dough. It’s toasted to crisp perfection and drizzled with house-made balsamic glaze.

My next plate was both visually appetizing and truly palatable, the Purple Kale and Ricotta Salad. A duo of tossed baby spinach and crisp purple kale is topped with a dusting of whipped ricotta and Parmigiano-Reggiano, dates and mustard vinaigrette dressing. Though the calorie-heavy items are the reason you come to MidiCi for dinner, the unprocessed, fresh lighter options are why you return for lunch the very next day.

Everyone has their own preferred style of pizza, but the light, thin, soft and chewy foundation of a Neapolitan pizza can’t be topped. Well, aside from Italian tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella. I dove into the customer favorite, the Devil’s Choice. House-made sausage, Italian salami and red chilies blend together to bring the heat of three distinctive levels of spice.

MidiCi offers flavors and combinations for every pizza lover. My favorite plate of the night is actually a weekend brunch best seller, the Egg N’ Bacon, piping-hot mozzarella, applewood smoked bacon, sausage, garlic and oregano, topped with a freshly cracked egg.

For brunch with the girls, lunch with your coworkers, dinner with the family, date night or happy hour, MidiCi is the place to celebrate. Every day of the week features a new special. Margherita Monday permits a BOGO deal with the purchase of a specialty pie. On Tuesdays, parents can buy a specialty pizza and kids eat free. Wine Wednesday offers half price bottles. Happy Hour runs from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. and again from 8:00 p.m. to close every Monday through Saturday. On Sunday, it’s all day long! Don’t forget about bottomless Mimosas and Bellini’s at brunch on both Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., and the opportunity to dig into specialty items such as the meatball calzone. 

While I was taking the last bite of my main course and willing myself to find room for dessert, a customer left with two pizza boxes in hand. “Wait! He forgot his meatballs!” An employee jumped the counter and chased after him to ensure he received his full order. “MidiCi’s famous meatballs, can’t find them anywhere else,” Tim grinned. You could say the same for their customer service.

I tossed my napkin onto my plate, throwing in the towel and admitting hunger defeat just as the signature Nutella Calzone was placed in front of me. Fresh berries and powdered sugar dot the plate and an appropriate “M” is drizzled in Nutella. The rich flavors of hazelnut, blackberry, balsamic reduction and ricotta create the most delightful finale dish. 

The fresh food, the inviting ambiance, the above-and-beyond customer service—there’s just so much to love at MidiCi. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder fans keep coming back. “You’re going to get the best food in the best environment,” Tim said. “We just have fun here.”

Snag one of MidiCi’s many weekday deals at 8815 State Line Road, Kansas City, Missouri