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Erin Mankameyer

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When it comes to construction projects, most toolboxes on the jobsite would include hammers, drills, nails, measuring tapes and more. But one KC-metro businesswoman’s toolbox contains product samples, cabinet choices, plumbing fixtures and much more. While her skill set is different from that of the craftsperson’s on a project, the value she brings is just as critical.


“I love everything about construction, and as an interior designer, it’s not common to have such a distinct focus on construction,” said, Erin Mankameyer, Groover Interior Design. “When it comes to my work, I foresee problems and develop solutions. I’m focused on making the lives of homeowners easier and also making the final project they live in beautiful. I can help address issues and design problems before the client ever moves in.”


Much More than Surfaces

Erin owns Groover Interior Design along with her mother, Brenda, who was a faux painter for more than 30 years in the KC metro for many builders. Their business is a full-service interior design and decorating firm servicing Overland Park, Shawnee, Olathe, Leawood and surrounding areas. Armed with her degree from KU in interior design, 32-year-old Erin has set about building Groover Interior Design into a business going above and beyond a typical design firm.


“What sets us apart is that we’re not focused on picking out paint colors and a sofa. I start with the architect and my clients to create their dream home,” stated the Overland Park native and Blue Valley High School grad. “Then I’ll work with the plumbers, the electricians, the HVAC team and other skilled craftspeople at the construction site so that the finished product isn’t just beautiful but personalized and functional for each client.”


Erin takes on the sometimes overwhelming burden for busy clients who are building their own home from the ground up or undertaking a major remodeling project. She applies her extensive knowledge of interior design and construction and couples them into a well-thought-out plan. She and Brenda work with many notable builders in the KC metro. In fact, Erin notes that high-end contractors prefer that clients have a designer such as Groover Interior Design to help drive the process.


Client-Centered Approach

“I start with the client to understand their thoughts and get their ideas on what they want their home to be. Throughout the project, I’m working closely with the architect and the builder, ensuring that the needs of the client are being met,” Erin stated. “For instance, in a construction project I would select every plumbing fixture and appliance, with the client giving final approval. Then after the sheetrock work is finished, I would spec the trim. Then I would design all of the cabinets, including the style, size, paint, stain, hardware and so on. After that comes finishes such as granite or solid surface, and then on to the floors and wall finishes. Groover Interior Design will complete the project all the way down to furnishing every room in your house.”


Given that she is well known and respected by many local contractors, the value Erin brings to any project is highly prized. Erin’s skill set allows her to anticipate issues and address them before they even occur. This results in fewer headaches for everyone involved, especially the homeowners. Because she’s thinking so far ahead, Erin saves money for her clients by greatly reducing change orders, which can lead to huge costs and expanding construction schedules. “It may take me four to eight hours to lay out the electrical switches and lighting locations for a home. I’m using my experience and knowledge to ensure that everything is well thought out and works for the homeowner,” she commented. “I’ll save my clients in the beginning with great planning so we avoid change order fees, the time it takes to rip out mistakes and the redo. Not only do I save them money, but I protect them from a lot of grief and disappointment.”


Strong Foundation and Credentials

It’s hard to imagine that someone as young as Erin can hold such a wealth of knowledge and experience with interior design and construction. But she’s been hard at work for many years, building on a summer internship and helping her mother in her faux painting business while she was in high school. During that time, contractors came to know her and her strong work ethic. “As soon as I graduated from KU, I started my own company and worked out of my home,” she remarked. “Helping my mom in her business gave me a great list of contacts when I graduated. They already knew me and my work.”


Erin’s pedigree in this line of work actually goes back decades in the Kansas City construction industry. “My mom was a fourth-generation painter, and now my brother has now taken over her business,” Erin added. “My family’s background in construction goes back five generations on various worksites throughout this community. Many of the finest homes in Kansas City have been touched by my family. I’m really proud of that and I want to keep that tradition going.”


Groover Interior Design also furnishes new and existing homes with unique pieces to complement style and living space. There’s a storefront at 15041 Nall Avenue, Overland Park, filled with the latest styles in home furnishings, and everything on the floor is for sale to the general public. “Groover Interior Design is also a retail showroom. You don’t have to hire us to buy or special order any of our pieces,” she shared. “I will say that 90 percent of our sales are special order. But the showroom means that our clients can see our selections and try them out before we special order for them.”


Solid Advice

While many of us may have smaller projects that don’t require the services of Groover Interior Design, Erin does offer some advice for the budding interior designer. “Before you start, know what you want in a style and then research for ideas,” advised Erin. “The biggest dilemma you’ll probably face is narrowing down a style and sticking to it. There’s so much out there and it can be overwhelming if you don’t know how you want it to end up.”


Much of that same guidance applies to Erin’s clients, too. “No matter if you’re looking to remodel or build an entire house, start with a style and stay with it,” she stated. “And remember that just because you love something doesn’t necessarily mean it will work. That’s where I come in to help the homeowner chose from the many exciting and beautiful products that are available. Then I’ll tie them together in a cohesive look for your home. Also, I’m aware of so many more products that a client has never seen before. I have a feeling that they’ll love it even though they haven’t been introduced to it before.”


Making It Personal

This mother-daughter business has much to offer homeowners in our community. Erin and Brenda are focused on offering a one-of-a-kind service that takes the worry off the shoulders of their clients. Erin describes it as holding a client’s hand from start to finish, sometimes blossoming from a business relationship to one more like family. She prides herself on offering a critical business service from the beginning when the plans are drawn up to the day the homeowner walks into a new home or remodel that’s staged and finished.


“Groover Interior Design is unlike any other interior design company in this area. Many times designers will come in and design the way they want it and walk away. But we are client based,” she remarked. “I want to know what you want and then work so that you have it. I want it so personalized that you can’t help but love it. For me it must work for my client, and every job is unique and personal. Besides, no one wants to walk into their neighbor’s house and see the same style and product.”


When you’re searching for someone to help you through the intricate process of remodeling or building a new home, call upon Erin and Brenda at Groover Interior Design. While you shouldn’t have to worry about hammers or drills, nails or measuring tapes, just make sure that Groover Interior Design is in your tool box. HLM


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