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Cover Story – Jaycee Waters

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“I want my philosophy of Kind of Perfect to resonate with people because we aren’t going to be perfect, and there’s a comfort in realizing and accepting that fact,” the 27-year-old Overland Park businesswoman noted. “Women need to be reminded daily to take care of ourselves, honor ourselves and enjoy who we are without trying to make us into something we’re not. We only have so many hours in the day, so I encourage women to focus on their needs and don’t cloud your mind with nonsense.”


Establishing Credentials and Gaining Perspective

Jaycee is a licensed cosmetologist, board-certified wellness coach and, as she describes, a die-hard “inspirationalist.” Nearly four years ago she began her mission to give women another avenue to enjoy and embrace life, rather than seeking something that wasn’t realistic or attainable. It was then she created her Kind of Perfect website and blog. “I wanted a voice for myself and other women,” she noted. “Being in the salon every day gave me the ability to gain so many different perspectives through my clients about their mental and physical health. With that background, I started the website, and it was well received. Over the last year, I’ve really fine-tuned it and have sharpened my direction of where I want to go with my message.”

Jaycee laughs that she came out of the womb knowing how to do hair, as her mother and grandmother were stylists. She attended cosmetology school right after high school, immersing herself in a 1,500-hour program. She’d stay late and work through lunches, driven by her intense desire to graduate and join her mother at her salon. In school, Jaycee learned the basics of becoming a cosmetologist, but she already had developed her creative side, which is a huge part of her successful career. For a program that normally takes a year and a half, Jaycee completed her coursework in less than a year. She graduated on a Friday, and she was doing hair on Tuesday.

“I’m a salon baby, and I’ve always known that’s what I was going to do,” she remarked. “But as I got older and immersed myself in the salon, I developed other creative outlets that I needed to embrace. I really cared about the other side of feeling beautiful from the inside and being healthy and happy. Getting your hair done is an instant confidence boost, but it only carries you so far. I really wanted to be a part of keeping that attitude going long after you walked out of my salon.”


Making Life Holistic

That is when her concept of Kind of Perfect came to be-an idea that represents an ideal equation of happiness, health, strength and beauty. Her mantra has become: HEALTH + HAPPINESS = QUALITY LIFE. “So many people say ‘When I have time or I’m so busy right now.’ If you’re not healthy, you’re not going to be happy, and that’s your quality of life,” Jaycee stated. “If your schedule is so tight that you can’t honor your health and happiness, then what’s the point of what you’re doing?”

On her Kind of Perfect website, you’ll find blog posts bursting with emotion that correspond to verbiage Jaycee would write in her own journal. You’ll find ways to fuel your body with healthy foods and products that she actually uses and enjoys. You can also learn about her own natural beauty tips to enhance a woman’s fine features. Astrological weather events and how to harness them using your inner power are also featured. “You’ll probably notice right away that I’m constantly bringing attention to the fact that Mother Nature has more to teach us than any other source. But most of all, you’ll find guidance in bringing awareness to your everyday life and letting other stuff go,” she advised. “My goal is to inspire you to find beauty and contentment in the chaos, to develop confidence in being open, vulnerable and real about where you stand at this very moment, and to live organically.”


Empowering Through Nutrition

As a health coach, Jaycee is very focused on helping clients understand and evaluate the type of nutrition they are consuming. Not only was she raised by a very knowledgeable mother in an extremely healthy and happy home, she went on to receive certification at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City, the world’s largest nutritional school. Jaycee employs this training to guide her clients as they set goals and make sustainable changes to improve their health and happiness. She promises that this personalized program will help address specific concerns for women and their bodies, while allowing them to discover the tools they must have for a lifetime of balance. “This isn’t just a job for me. It’s a deep passion and fiery calling to shed light on this potentially daunting way of life,” Jaycee observed. “As your health coach, I will listen carefully and help you to navigate the world of contradictory nutritional advice to determine what changes are necessary for you.”

After completing a health history form, Jaycee offers free consultation to determine the plan she would implement for you. Under her guidance, you’ll set and accomplish goals in a way that is empowering and exciting, work to achieve and maintain your ideal weight and understand and reduce your cravings. “When you’re hungry, you’re not doing quality work because your energy levels are low,” she revealed. “Unfortunately, we’re radiating that low frequency to everyone around us. We’re not sharing good vibes with our kids, husband, friends and even our clients.”


Balance for Life

But good vibes can be hard to develop because far too often women seem to be at the end of the stick when it comes to paying attention to their health and happiness. “Women put everyone else first and then themselves, but what I want women to do is put that life mask on yourself first before you put it on someone else. Women in general need to seek balance and discover what works for them,” Jaycee reflected. “For instance, when I’m done with my day, I ask myself ‘How do I feel?’ If I’m tired and withdrawn, I honor myself by taking it easy as a part of my self-integrity. It’s all about figuring out what do you need right now to get through the next day.”

Her blend of health and happiness for a top-notch quality of life is refreshing. Jaycee is intensely focused on carrying her message through her private health coaching efforts, but she’s also branched off into group coaching, speaking engagements and workshops. Her overall goal is to reach more people with her message of good health and happiness. “What I’m sharing is a combination of what everyone wants to feel. Kind of Perfect is where you can get a ray of inspiration in all of those areas. We live in a human world and we’ll never be perfect, but I see people really flourish when they recognize this,” Jaycee shared. “For women, there’s a void or lack of self-awareness, and filling that void is very important to me. I provide outlets for people by asking questions and taking time to self-reflect.”

Truly, there is no such thing as perfect when it comes to living life to its fullest, and that is why Jaycee’s message of Kind of Perfect is so fitting for women today. “We all carry many unique gifts within us, but we must remain conscious in order to share them with the world,” she commented. “If I inspire one person, I’ve succeeded, and that’s all that matters.”   Hair & Makeup by Shimika Kennison HLM