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Solutions for In-Home Care

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Q. When should my family consider in-home care?
You may notice cognitive, physical or environmental changes happening with your loved one, such as repetitive discussions, loss of appetite, personal mobility troubles, depression/loneliness or the living environment in disarray or unmanaged. Sometimes it is as simple as a recent diagnosis from a health care professional requiring a need for increased care. If you are considering in-home care at all, there is a sign suggesting your loved one needs help. At Premier Custom Care, we discuss all the options of in-home care, a senior community or even the next level of assisted care. In-home care is a good solution when someone is able to add simple safety measures and build a schedule to aid with household chores, meals, medication reminders, personal care and in general to remain active in the community. In-home care is also a viable solution if a family member is referred to hospice and wants to remain at home. Hospice does not provide full-time care, and often the type of care required is too much responsibility for a family. Between the hospice organization and our agency, we can develop the care plan to pass peacefully at home in comfort with family.

Q. How much care is needed?
At Premier Custom Care, our client’s type of care is definitely subjective and built for each individual; the plan then needs consistent review. Physicians and home health professionals are key in helping families determine the type of care and time needed. For instance, some families start with in-home care after a rehabilitation stay. Therapists are able to share if continued therapy will help return to normal activity. A client may be at a “new normal” and require assistance in areas they did not previously. When working with families, our goal is to keep individuals as independent as possible with safety always at the forefront. Our main focus with in-home care is to allow our clients their autonomy and to be able to decrease and increase care as they require. ■

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Alysha Jackson

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Alysha Jackson started Premier Custom Care in 2010 to help families in the Kansas City metro area. We are happy and proud to help Kansas City families and their elderly loved ones continue to live safely and comfortably in their own homes. While most of the time we provide custom caregiving for seniors, we have the experience and capabilities to help people of all ages.