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Imaging for Women: Advanced Technology for Breast Screening

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Q: What is a contrast enhanced mammogram?
A: A contrast enhanced mammogram, or CEM, is a type of mammogram that uses intravenous contrast similar to what is administered for a CT scan. The injected contrast highlights breast tissue with increased blood flow. It is faster and less expensive than breast MRI but has been shown to find cancer at a similar rate. Our breast radiologists recommend CEM to patients who are at an elevated risk for breast cancer, to get further information from an inconclusive mammogram, or to assess the size of a known cancer.

Q: How does insurance cover breast imaging?
A: Most insurance plans will cover an annual screening mammogram. However, supplemental screenings such as whole breast ultrasound for dense breast tissue, contrast enhanced mammography or any type of diagnostic evaluation may be subject to your deductible. Imaging for Women always provides out-of-pocket estimations for all of your exams. Having a diagnostic or supplemental screening exam done at Imaging for Women may cost significantly less than having the same exam done at a hospital. We recommend always asking for a cost estimation prior to any workup and asking for a paper or email confirmation. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or want an estimate.

By: Dr. Troy Voeltz

Troy Voeltz, MD, is a board-certified, fellowship-trained breast radiologist at Imaging for Women. He is committed to providing women with state-of-the-art imaging in a care-oriented environment and at a reasonable cost. Dr. Voeltz is part of a team of highly trained, dedicated breast experts at Imaging for Women. 

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