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How to Find the CBD That Will Work for You

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Q: How can I be sure I’m purchasing high-quality CBD?

A: Transparency is key to ensuring you’re getting high-quality CBD. Is the CBD’s source made available? U.S.- or European-sourced is best. Is the certificate of analysis (COA) available on the company’s website? This shows third-party lab test results on the exact cannabinoid content and whether there are any contaminants present. At The Hemp Haus, we go a step further. Because we are distributors, we get to do site visits to see firsthand where our hemp products are grown and produced.

Q: Do different forms of CBD work better for specific ailments?

A: Yes. CBD comes in many forms. For instance, if you’re seeking relief from arthritis or lower back pain, we recommend Ananda Hemp gels over tinctures, because they’re longer lasting. If you suffer from anxiety, the liposomal tincture by Puffin Hemp is best because of its rapid release. For sleep, the Ananda Hemp gels are perfect for staying asleep, while Puffin Hemp is better for falling asleep. For muscle pain, Puffin Hemp or the Ananda Hemp salve are the best options.

Written by: Eric Oligschlaeger

Eric Oligschlaeger, co-founder and CEO of The Hemp Haus, has spent the better part of the last five years immersed in the CBD industry. After building a strong wholesale business with Ananda Hemp, he became a master distributor whose clients include physicians, pharmacists, chiropractors and naturopaths nationwide. Eric takes CBD every day for degenerative disk disease. Were it not for the anti-inflammatory, analgesic effects of CBD, he would have to endure a spinal fusion or be on Celebrex® for the rest of his life—and have to live with the side effects, too.