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Hair Care and Sustainability at tālem Salon

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Q: As I get older, I start to worry about thinning hair or complete hair loss. What are a few things I can do or use to prevent this from happening?
A: Thinning hair or hair loss is due to lack of stimulation to the papilla, which is the blood supply for your hair strands. Although we think you should always consider your diet and exercise, there are a few helpful tips to incorporate into your daily life that will also help. Always brush your hair. The age-old “100 brush strokes a day” will help stimulate the scalp. Also, using a shampoo and conditioner that contain peppermint and/or other stimulating ingredients is very supportive. One of our favorite products to help with thinning is Surface Awaken Therapeutic Shampoo and Conditioner. It has a little extra kick to it with ingredients that include cayenne and saw palmetto! Next time you’re in the salon, we’ll show you how amazing it feels and how great your hair looks after using it.

Q: I know tālem is a sustainable & plant-based salon, but what does that really mean?
A: This is a great source of pride for us, so we’re glad you asked. It means two main things. First, tālem Salon was built with 90 percent recycled or repurposed furniture and materials. Second, it means that we use only plant-based color and hair products that are still high-performing but nontoxic to your body. That is a big deal! Skin is our largest organ and we want to take care and be aware of what we allow on it. Our color lines include Surface and Pulp Riot, two leaders in sustainability and healthy haircare, which help us achieve gorgeous color that isn’t harmful to you or the environment.

Written by: Brianne Bustamante

It started in 2005, when Brianne Bustamante founded Blush Co., an onsite hair and makeup concept for brides in the KC area. Blush Co. thrived beyond her imagination and was named The Best of Weddings for The Knot in 2010 and 2011. Blush was also chosen to work with David Tutera on My Fair Wedding for the Make a Wish Bride episode in 2011. During that time, Brianne was certified with Novalash as an eyelash extensionist and earned her Surface haircare educator certification. Blush Co expanded its scope to a full-scale hair and lash salon and it became important to Brianne that the hair color and products used at the salon were plant-derived and aligned with the personal health of guests as well as the environment. In 2017 Blush Co. rebranded to more accurately reflect the healthy, sustainable, empowered beauty philosophy of the salon, and tālem was born.