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Cupid’s cyber arrows hit their mark for Allison Chaput and Ian Kerr when they met on an online dating website.

Allison, 32, is an assistant nurse manager; Ian, 36, works as an outbound sales representative.

Ian chose one of the most beautiful places in Colorado for his proposal on August 29, 2015. “We went hiking at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs on a pretty summer day,” smiles Allison. “We took a rest break under a large shade tree and that’s when he proposed. I said ‘Yes!’”

Allison and Ian have set the date of their wedding for October 1, 2016. “We’re planning a traditional Catholic wedding at a church in Evergreen, Colorado,” Allison notes. “We will each have five attendants. Then the reception will be at the Ameristar in Blackhawk, Colorado, with a rustic theme with plum and peach colors. We’re very excited to have our wedding in the fall in the Rocky Mountains, with the beautiful fall colors.” HLM