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Lindsay & Kyle: She Said Yes

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Lindsay, 26, is a first grade teacher at Hodgkins Elementary; Kyle, 30, shares her career as a physical education teacher at Cherry Creek Academy.

“Our first date was to Brooklynn’s downtown and then Kyle surprised me with court side seats to the Nuggets game,” Lindsay reminisces. “We talked and laughed for hours at dinner that night and were late even getting to the Nuggets game! After the game, I was supposed to go meet some of my friends at a Halloween party, but I was having such a great time, I didn’t want the date to end so I took Kyle with me! Some of my best friends were quoted as saying that I would marry him some day that very night.”

“I was so excited that such a beautiful girl had agreed to go out with a complete stranger like me,” Kyle shares from his viewpoint. “When I saw her for the first time in Brooklynn’s, I was even more surprised! She was beautiful. We talked for so long that it didn’t even feel like a first date. She was smart, funny, and even liked sports!”

Kyle used a bit of misdirection for his proposal on August 16, 2014. They had dinner plans at a fondue restaurant in Manitou Springs for that night. Kyle loves landscape photography, and asked Lindsay to stop in Garden of the Gods to take some pictures of kissing camels rocks at sunset. She thought it was natural, but worried that they might be late meeting his parents for dinner. When they arrived at Garden of the Gods, Kyle led Lindsay to a beautiful spot with a great view of the kissing camels and told her how lucky he was to be there with her. “Before I knew what was happening, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!” Lindsay smiles. “I said ‘Yes!’ But little did I know that Kyle had planned for both of our families to be at Garden of the Gods witnessing the proposal and snapping pictures! We enjoyed a bottle of champagne at Garden of the Gods and then, eventually, all went to the fondue restaurant in Manitou Springs to celebrate.”

Lindsay and Kyle have set their wedding date for June 28, 2015, in a destination wedding on the beach in Tulum, Mexico. “June 28 is the date of my parents’ and grandparents’ wedding anniversary, so that date is very special to me,” Lindsay shares. “Forty-three of our closest friends and family will be joining us for a simple beach ceremony and a week full of fun in the sun and celebration!”

“Our officiant is a close family friend who is like a second father to Lindsay and very inspirational to us as a couple,” reveals Kyle. “We couldn’t imagine a better person to guide us into holy matrimony. During the ceremony, we will light a candle in honor of Lindsay’s mother, Mary, who passed away when she was very young, and my grandparents, Ron and Darlene, who we know will be there with us in spirit. We will also have a sand ceremony with the Rider and Craddock families, symbolizing the joining of the two families as one. After returning from our honeymoon, we will have a reception in Colorado to celebrate our wedding with all of our friends and family who weren’t able to join us in Mexico!”