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CHOKI Art Exhibit

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CHOKI’s One Thousand Buddhas brought ancient texts to life during the recent art exhibit and fundraiser held at the Space Gallery in Denver. The Bhutanese representative art forms contain the spiritual traditions and sacred teachings, which incarnate the stories of Buddha and the spiritual conquest of the self. CHOKI is a local non-profit organization founded with the mission of protecting the culture and traditions of some
of the most sacred places left in the world, which are under the threat of “globalization.” CHOKI supports a Traditional Art School, a Women’s Cooperative and the Nalanda Monastery. More than200 guests had the opportunity to view the traditional paintings from the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, the only such pieces currently exhibited in the U.S. and difficult to find around the globe. The night included a live musical performance by Transition Theater and a live auction featuring coveted Mandalas, or symbols of “wholeness.” Funds collected at the event benefit CHOKI’s Nalanda Monastery in Bhutan, and thirty percent of proceeds from the evening were donated to the dZi Foundation for earthquake relief in Nepal. For more information about CHOKI and its mission, visit online.