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Sue Frederick

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Three books sit atop my desk. As someone who craves the type of information they contain, I am at a loss as to which one I should open first. The titles alone are captivating: I See Your Dream Job: A Career Intuitive Shows You How to Discover What You Were Put on Earth to Do; I See Your Soul Mate: An Intuitive’s Guide to Finding and Keeping Love; and Bridges to Heaven: True Stories of Loved Ones on the Other Side. All of these books have something for everyone who has ever asked the most compelling of questions, including: Why am I here? What is my purpose? How can I find true love? What happens to my loved one who has died and passed on?

Fortunately, there is an esoteric fountain of knowledge from which we can drink and satiate our thirst for that desired sense of calm, understanding and serenity as we present our inquiries. The author of these top selling books, Boulder resident Sue Frederick, provides a warm and welcoming presence, almost angelic, when she responds with unwavering confidence and conviction as she helps others find the answers to those questions that seem to continually tug at the heart and soul. A conversation with her seems effortless, purposeful, and, at the risk of sounding serendipitous, perhaps destined.

Sharing Bridges

As a best-selling author, keynote speaker, career coach and educator, Sue is a Career Intuitive who has been fea – tured in countless publications, including The New York Times, Real Simple, Complete Woman and The Denver Post. She has moved audiences at high-profile pillars of learning, including The Omega Institute in New York and Loyola University in New Orleans. Additionally, she has been a guest on more than 200 radio programs and TV shows and her books have positioned her as an Amazon best-selling author.

With a compelling background as a career intuitive, me – dium and numerologist, Sue is able to provide clients with the ability to realign themselves with their intended purpose. By combining practical career know-how with her intuitive prowess, she successfully guides clients through life by providing a clearer lens and focus. She teaches others how to use their internal GPS to navigate life while simultaneously allowing them to understand that there will be turbulent times, but that we have the power to overcome those, and that such events have been predetermined and encoded by the numbers of our birthdates and our names. For more than three decades, Sue has practiced this knowledge, imparted her wisdom to others, has seen it work and has come to realize its truth in life.

Finding Direction and Meaning

Reflecting upon what it means to embrace one’s path, Sue explained, “You have to find your authentic path and stand in it confidently. Women in particular have such great access to their intuitive side. You just have to trust that, as it always gets you to the right place. You can practice trusting your intuition with small decisions. Then when you’re facing a major life choice you’ll already be confident that trusting your gut works.”

Sue teaches clients to look within to discover their true path. “When we look enviously at the lives of others and wish our lives were the same as theirs, we lose our way. Each person has a completely unique journey designed flawlessly for their soul’s evolution.” she noted. Through the use of ancient numerology and by studying the birth date, Sue helps clients understand where they are and where they need to go in an effort to fulfill their soul’s purpose. “When we stray from our authentic path, it seems nothing goes well,” Sue cautioned. “Doors close; relationships fail, and things just don’t turn out as we had hoped. But when we’re on purpose, in alignment with our soul’s great mission, miracles happen.”

Spirituality as Her Guiding Principle

Sue’s own journey to get to this level has allowed her to practice what she preaches. Born in New Orleans and raised in the Catholic faith, Sue identified more strongly with a spiritual rather than a religious mindset. Her inquisitive approach to life inspired her to search for truth and meaning in the deeper questions that resided in her own soul. As she began to embrace this longing, she turned to various outlets to feed her spirit. She studied yoga in the early 1970s. She attended the Unity Church; studied A Course in Miracles; pursued meditation practices with several master teachers and essentially, as she put it, “dipped my toe in every path to find chords of truth in all traditions.” What she discovered is that we are all divine beings that seek one thing: love. And what is love? God is love. The only things that cause us to fall from that path are fear and doubt. “We need to learn how to get back in touch with our divine selves,” Sue said.

While she was feeding her spirituality, Sue acquired her undergraduate degree in psychology and early childhood development from the University of Missouri-Columbia, where she trained as a career counselor conducting workshops and helping students. What initially brought Sue to Colorado was her love of rock climbing. One summer, while she was in her 20s, she participated in an Outward Bound Program back east and after graduating from college, she moved to Boulder to continue her pursuit of this passion and to teach it as well.

“When you teach something like rock climbing, you are essentially teaching people to overcome their fears,” she noted. It was during this time that Sue met her husband, Paul Frederick, also a rock climbing enthusiast. Unfortunately, shortly after they were married, Paul was diagnosed with cancer and passed away before the couple could start a family. Since his passing, Paul has proven to Sue that there is life and meaning on the other side. Sue continually taps into the spiritual world to offer guidance to clients from loved ones who have crossed over.

Credentials and Creativity

In addition to her work as a best-selling author and career and grief intuitive coach, Sue founded the Career Intuitive Coach Training Institute and has trained more than 500 coaches around the world. She was also a faculty member at the University of Colorado and Naropa University; a leader of extreme survival courses for Outward Bound; a certified creative arts therapist and a high-level corporate executive and magazine editor. No matter what she engages in, whether career intuitive coaching, grief counseling, helping someone find a soul mate or teaching the divine connection we all share, there’s a strong common theme to her work. “I want to empower people to fulfill their soul’s extraordinary and unique mission–to live as if they remember that they’re a divine being who came here on purpose.”

When Sue established her business as a career intuitive in 1999, it did not come easily at first. There were challenges, and seeds of doubt as others cautioned: you will probably fail. “It’s easy to partner with fear and doubt,” according to Sue. “It’s also ordinary.” Sue gives clients the perspective that allows them to see the extraordinary that flows through them.

Finding Purpose

No matter what she engages in, whether career intuitive coaching, grief counseling, helping someone find a soul mate or teaching the divine connection we all share, there’s a strong common theme to Sue’s work. “I want to empower people to fulfill their soul’s extraordinary and unique mission–to live as if they remember that they’re a divine being who came here on purpose.”

I recently came across a sentiment that speaks to Sue’s guided insight: A job is printed on your resume. A calling echoes in your epitaph. Sometimes, we all have to be reminded why we are here. Birth and death are but the entry and exit points to this existence. It’s what we do between those points that has been specifically designed to intoxicate our souls, if we allow it. The choice is ours.

“Don’t let the world make you doubt yourself and the great work you came here to do,” Sue smiled. HLM

For more information, visit Sue online at, and Her newest book, Your Divine Lens: The Secret to Finding Purpose, Healing Grief and Living in Alignment with Your Soul, will debut in 2016.