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Rydel Lynch All That and More

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Rydel Lynch is the epitome of cool. This self-described giggly, kindhearted and caring young lady can belt out a tune and command the keyboard with enviable pop style all wrapped up in an undeniable and awesome girl-next-door vibe. She is who I would want to be if I were 22 years old again. She knows who she is and what she wants out of life and is unafraid to pursue that end…and if anyone should ever stand in her way, she has four guys who have her back.

As part of the pop-rock sensation R5, Rydel, 22, joins her three brothers, Riker, 23; Rocky, 20; and Ross, 19, along with family friend Ellington Ratliff, 22. All together, this group is making tremendous waves in the music scene and is approaching world domination with a tremendous voice all its own, and while it might appear the group has become an overnight sensation, the back story suggests otherwise.

For starters, this is the very least you should know about Rydel: she claims to be a skilled video gamer; she loves to exercise her culinary prowess in the kitchen; she hates to waste things; she is the consummate list maker; and she bears no shame reflex in admitting that she can sew. “I love to make blankets and quilts,” she said.

Then there is Rydel the musical artist and performer, and contained in that dynamic young woman is a page-turning success story, but one that was not written without her supportive and loving family.

Barely five minutes into a dialogue with this inspiring young woman, it quickly becomes evident that her family is her rock, and any achievements she embraces are shared equally among the group. “We could not have achieved any of this without our parents’ support,” she reflected.

Originally from the Denver area and now residing in the City of Angels, the Lynch brood proved early on that talent runs rampant in this family, and it’s no secret that Rydel practically cut her teeth on music and performing. “Our parents have always loved music,” she recalled. “They played it 24/7 in our home. I remember that Dad was a fan of Bruce Springsteen and Mom used to listen to Madonna.”

In the days before debuting as R5, Rydel and her brothers would transform the family’s basement into a musical wonderland, belting out tunes and dancing with unbridled enthusiasm. Sometimes they would go outside in the backyard to swing and would make up random songs. Music has always coursed through their veins, so it was inevitable that this talented bunch would eventually make their way to the stage. However, it did take some fancy footwork to get to that point.

As they were growing up and becoming more involved with music, Rydel and her brothers would have the neighbors come over so they could perform in the driveway. “I think my mom repeatedly asked the neighbors if they could come over to watch us sing and dance,” laughed Rydel, who is named after the high school featured in Grease, one of her mom’s favorite musicals. “My mom noticed we all had a passion for music and that we all loved performing.”

Rydel points to Riker as the biggest influence in the group. “At a very young age, he was dancing around to Elvis songs, and as we got older, he was the one who always remained optimistic. He has never believed in a back-up plan, as he knew we could do this. In fact, just one year in as a band, he had created a long-term goal list that included accomplishing a world tour, playing on the Ellen show and on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, as well as being featured on Good Morning America.”

Well played, Riker. Check. Check. And check. So far, that list has become pretty dog-eared. In terms of perpetual optimism, it appears the glass is not just half full for this group; it’s obviously refillable.

But prior to accomplishing those lofty goals, the family had to make an integral decision that required them to pull up roots and relocate to the Los Angeles area. “That was the hardest part for me, leaving my cousins and grandma behind,” reflected Rydel, who counts her family as her best friends. But extreme passion requires extreme persistence, and upon moving to southern California and settling initially into a hotel for a few months and then into a two-bedroom apartment for six months, they realized this was the vehicle they needed to embrace their dreams. Rydel and the guys now reside in a home all their own in the Los Angeles area, a place that continually gives birth to innovative and inspiring songs.

Before they had even unpacked their belongings, Rydel’s mom enrolled the kids in a performing arts studio, and through that endeavor they were able to secure auditions through agents. The group also kept busy writing their own songs and developing their own unique brand and style. In 2010, they self-released their first EP, “Ready Set Rock” and quickly showcased it on iTunes. “We put it on iTunes in order to be official,” noted Rydel, who plays keyboard and also sings. “At that time we were performing in random shows, fairs and birthday parties.”

By April 2012, the band signed with Hollywood Records and ten months later released a second EP, “Loud.” A dizzying agenda of engagements quickly ensued and included a 2013 sold-out tour throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia, England and France. R5 returned to Europe in early 2014 and released a six-part VEVO series, “R5 Live in London,” which captured the excitement and mania surrounding this group’s magnetic appeal. The band has also been featured in a documentary called “R5: All Day, All Night.” This leaves little room for doubt with respect to the impressive momentum the band has gained and the growing fan base accompanying it.

Does all of the excitement coupled with the high-profile performances ever make Rydel nervous? “We are all about the live shows,” expressed Rydel. “That is where it’s at for us. Of course, I do get nervous for the first show at each stop, but after that, I am fine.”

But Rydel is not just a performer. She is also a fan, and some of her favorite artists include Neon Trees and Walk the Moon. “We have actually become good friends with the members of Walk the Moon,” said Rydel.

For Rydel, being a part of a hit band is like a dream come true. She enjoys the benefits of going on tour. “When we are on tour, it’s ‘go, go, go.’ But at the same time, we also get to travel and see the world.” She appreciates that being on the road does require certain sacrifices and that being on the road becomes one’s home under those circumstances. “You have to really like it,” she emphasized.

Rydel and her family try to return to Denver every Christmas, and she cherishes spending the holidays with her grandparents in their cozy and familiar mountain retreat. However, there is still so much more to accomplish for this young and ambitious performer who has successfully learned to navigate the music scene as an artist with confidence, purpose and joy. Unlike Riker, though, Rydel takes a more relaxed approach to her goal-setting agenda. “I can still see us touring the world in ten years,” she stated. “But my main goal is to have a family one day and become a mom.”

Until then, Rydel has her professional agenda cut out for her. The band released its highly anticipated album, Sometime Last Night, on July 10 on a worldwide platform and its break-out single, “Let’s Not Be Alone Tonight,” is quickly gaining velocity on the pop charts.

The band has hit the road, too, with a U.S. summer tour that will continue through Aug. 23. The U.S. winter 2016 tour begins in late January and will continue through March 16, 2016. Rydel and the rest of the band are looking forward to seeing their Denver metro fans during R5’s summer tour concert at Elitch Gardens Theme and Water Park on Aug. 8; it’s a don’tmiss event, so get your tickets now!

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