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Subscribe to our HERlife Magazine, DC Metro Edition to enjoy high quality, visually compelling and engaging topics AND get your chance to win cash prizes or gift giveaways each month by entering our Pink Lady Silhouette Contest!

Contest Rules:

Go through the magazine and try to find the Pink Lady Icon that looks like this:

When you find it, come back to this page, and fill out the “Contest Entry Form” below. If you should win, you will receive our current month’s cash prize or gift giveaway!

You can come back each month and enter for your chance to win!

So be sure to subscribe to our HERlife DC Metro magazine by clicking here, read it each month, and can come back here to enter for your chance to win!

Form Instructions:

Fill in your best contact details so we can reach you should you win. Where it ask for “Page Number”  enter the page number where you found the Pink Lady Silhouette icon. Where it ask for “Location where found“, enter the location on the page where you found the pink lady silhouette to the best of your ability. Where it ask for “CAPTCHA code“, enter in the numbers/characters that are displayed in the box above the field. Once you have filled in the form completely, click the “Submit” button.

You will receive a confirmation that your entry was submitted successfully.

Remember: When you subscribe to HERlife DC Metro, Not only do you get a chance to enter our Pink Lady Silhouette contest and win cash prizes or gift giveaways, you also get to enjoy high quality, visually compelling and engaging topics concerning sophisticated and savvy women who share a passion for living well, feeling healthy, looking fabulous, and appreciating what Washington DC offers. So click here to SUBSCRIBE TODAY!

Contest Entry Form

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