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Celebrating 100 Issues

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We’ve checked in with some of our cover features to see what they have been up to!

Dr. Benita Zahn, March 2011 and May 2016
Anchor NewsChannel 13
Since the last time I was honored to appear in HERLIFE, I’ve qualified for and gotten my Actors Equity Card and just completed a run at Capital Rep in Shakespeare in Love playing two roles. I also had a role in the movie CRYPTO starring Kurt Russell. Okay, it was a small role, but I’ve already received my first residual check!! Twenty-three bucks and it qualified me to join SAG/AFRA. This past September I was the captain for a RAGNAR team; that’s where, in our case, 12 runners complete a point-to-point race. We ran from Saratoga to Lake Placid in less than 36 hours. Each runner is responsible for three legs of the course. It was exhilarating, challenging and life-changing. On my team were Jim Kambrich, Karen Tarrarache, Subrina Dhammi and photographer Kevin Montano. Work continues to be fulfilling. It’s always wonderful to help empower people with the information they need to live their best lives. And after ten nominations, I am proud to say I’m the winner of a NY EMMY! The awards were presented on May 4. Still running, still singing with Jerry Gretzinger and trying to break our new rescue dog of chewing my shoes! 

Marcia White, June 2011
Past President and CEO, Saratoga Performing Arts Center
The journey matters. While I still give the best of myself to people and things “out there,” now the most beautiful, well tended, truly nurtured and nourished parts of my life are the innermost ones, not the flash public ones. I have reinvented myself for the fourth time, creating Marcia White Consulting LLC, taking my expertise, skills and unique perspective to maximize opportunities for all sides of the equation to enhance the value proposition of any individual or organization. A thriving new beginning is a time for amazing engagement, growth, connection and limitless possibilities. I’m loving and living my best life, and it’s loving me right back!

Lisa Weibrecht December 2011
Co-Owner, Mirror Lake Inn Resort and Spa
Since the time of my cover story, my husband, Ed, and I remain directly involved with the day-to-day operations of the Mirror Lake Inn Resort & Spa in Lake Placid, New York. Our son, Andrew, a three-time Olympian and two-time Olympic medalist, has retired from ski racing and was recently inducted into the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame. In June 2018, Andrew and his wife Denja, along with daughter Adalina, welcomed their second child, Silje, to the family. Andrew and Denja have become more involved in the family business, playing active roles in both the restaurant as well as with the Inn’s marketing efforts. Andrew also returned to school full time at Dartmouth College and is slated to graduate with a degree in earth sciences this month. In true family fashion, our youngest son, Ethan, also works within the maintenance department at the Inn and serves as the tennis director at our sister property, The Whiteface Club & Resort. 

Elaine Houston, June 2012
Anchor, NewsChannel 13
Since my cover story in 2012, I have been busy. My women’s website, SHESpeaks2me, was relaunched in 2014 to speak into the lives of women and help them. We tell stories about women across the world through print, videos and docu-stories. The goal is to encourage, inform and inspire. To date, we have interviewed more than 100 inspiring women and tackled issues such as slut-shaming on college campuses, the challenges of plus-size women, and a day in the life of women who stutter. In 2017, we began our annual women’s leadership summit in Albany. We sold out each year! We’ve got a lot of great ideas and projects coming up. For more information about next year’s women’s leadership summit, go to

Cristina Samuels and Jennifer Isaac, July 2012
Sisters and Co-Creators, Mode Cosmetics
Ahead of the 30th anniversary of MODE Cosmetics, we continue innovating our next-generation beneficial beauty line by creating multipurpose eye, face, lip, nail and hair products that allow individuals to express their own unique style. Holding a unique market position, our sister-powered brand fuses exotic natural skincare ingredients and full force color (housed in stripped packaging, of course!) to create superior performance products for style-conscious individuals with a modern mindset. Our latest launches include Blush Absolute™ Pressed Powder Cheek Color, delivering irresistible skin-glorifying color with a powerful punch of skin-boosting benefits thanks to wild rose and areni noir wine grape extracts for an always-natural-looking flush. Our new Destination Series Lip Glaze flavors of luscious ripe Armenian melon and sun-soaked Santorini lemon make you think warm sand, sunny skies and exotic locales when you roll on a burst of delicious wet shine gloss with a mega dose of super hydrating sweet almond, areni noir wine grape and passionflower. A family beauty legacy since 1966, MODE is available locally at Salon Onaj and

Heather Straughter, February 2013
Founder, Jake’s Help from Heaven
Jake’s Help from Heaven has had an incredible few years. Since inception we have funded $750,000 to individuals within 100 miles of Saratoga Springs. We are reaching more and more families that need our support while also continuing to support some of our original applicants as they age and their needs change. One of the really remarkable things about our work is the relationships we have been able to build not only with our applicants but with other individuals who want to help. I continue to find it so inspiring to realize how many good people there really are out there, people who want to do what they can, in whatever way they can, to improve the quality of life of others. We continue to support individuals in the ways that work best for them. Sometimes this is a one-time reimbursement for an item of medical necessity; other times it is ongoing support with medical travel, hippotherapy, expensive medical items or other alternative therapies. We have partnered with Rebuilding Saratoga to work with environmental modifications. We really like to help those in the way that they need help and to come from a “place of yes.”

Christel Maclean, May 2013
Since being on the May 2013 cover of HERLIFE Magazine, my life has been crazy, active and full of twists and turns. At that time, we had recently exited the revival of Sperry’s, an exciting passion of love and awesome collaboration with Chef Dale Miller since 2010. We dove headfirst into pouring love and time into the newly opened Crown Grill, the sister restaurant of our beloved Circus Cafe (then 9 years old). Shortly thereafter, we opened Saratoga Juice Bar, what would be only the second cold-pressed juice bar between New York and Los Angeles. It sounds like an insane time but it was made manageable with the help of Colin, my longtime business partner and love of my life! I ran the restaurants with him and a loyal team of stellar employees; and he and I oversaw the juice bar with our wonderful team. In 2015 we began wholesaling our juice under the Legacy Juice name and are now in over 800 locations in 8 states and are no longer involved in the restaurant business. Our beautiful and sporty daughter, Lucy, has also grown up! She was a 10-year-old soccer player at the time of the cover story and is now 16 with a learner’s permit and still playing soccer! As we say in Curved Line Living, our seminar and career advisory practice: Life is not a straight line and sometimes veering off the expected path is when the most positive outcomes can occur! Congratulations to you on your 100th issue!

Julie Davis, September 2013
All is well with me. I am still pursuing an acting career. In the time since my HERLIFE cover I have done a national commercial for Visiting Angels, film and TV work including playing a reporter in Ghostbusters, and an appearance on Saturday Night Live in a fun Christmas skit with Matt Damon. I have also become very involved with an organization that helps fight against puppy mills, called Harley’s Dream. Readers can learn more about it and its inspiration, Harley, at 

Connie Bramer, October 2013
Founder/CEO, Get Your Rack Back Inc.
I founded Get Your Rack Back, Inc. in March 2015 to provide financial services to cancer patients in Upstate New York. To date, we have provided 237 cancer patients–men, women and children with varying types of cancers–with $118,500 in restaurant, gas and grocery gift cards as well as medical copay assistance. Our annual Christmas Stocking Drive has provided stockings to over 1,500 children affected by cancer in our communities. I am extremely grateful for the generosity of those who continue to support our mission to lighten the financial burden of families affected by cancer in the 518. Following my memoir, How Connie Got Her Rack Back, I continue to write my blog, “The Humor of It All,” and I’m a featured contributor for Biz Catalyst 360 and a contributor for Womenz Straight Talk Magazine. 

Ashley Jeffrey Bouck, November 2013
Executive Director of Girls Inc of the Capital Region
Wow! Since November 2013, lots has happened! I got married (2014), had a baby (2016) and bought a house (2018). I’ll be celebrating seven years with Girls Inc. this year. I received 40 Under 40 and the Women of Excellence Emerging Leader awards in 2014. And with Girls Inc., we are continuously growing and finishing up our capital campaign for our new Albany Center at 80 Central Avenue. For $1,000, people can purchase a tile with the girls’ artwork and their name to be displayed in our tile mosaic in our Neil & Jane Golub Independence Lounge.

Keela Grimmette, December 2013
Founder, Reason2Smile
I still live in Lake Placid with my growing family. When I was on the cover, I was newly pregnant with my first child and we now have added two more to the mix. The children are now five, almost four and 20 months. Needless to say, I’m currently busy doing all things family. I was sad to walk away from the executive director position at Reason2Smile soon after my second child was born, but it was the right decision for my family and me. I stay involved by holding an annual fundraiser during Ironman weekend in Lake Placid selling donuts; this will be the 11th year! I hope to make more visits to schools doing presentations during the coming year. Reason2Smile Inc is still going strong. The ED position was filled by Long Island board member Donna Rosenblum, who continues to work tirelessly to keep the children at Jambo Jipya School in Kenya happy, healthy, and learning! One of the big developments of the last year is the publishing of a children’s book based on the school. A portion of the proceeds from the book Neema’s Reason to Smile benefits the organization. You can find out more at 

Heather Briccetti, Esq., January 2014
President and CEO, The Business Council of New York State
I can’t believe more than five years have passed since my HERLIFE cover! I am still working hard to improve New York’s business climate, and we have had some big victories (the property tax cap is now permanent) and setbacks, like the Amazon debacle downstate. The hostility toward the private sector has grown and I am very focused on highlighting all the value that business brings to the state, both in terms of direct contributions and also philanthropic activities. On the personal side, we now have four horses (I adopted two more) and two of my three boys have moved on to college. The farm is always full of people, including my partner, John Mulligan, his two children and assorted friends. I finally bought a tractor, and have yet to make beer. We did make awesome cider last year, Old Man Mulligan from Quackenkill Farm, but we didn’t sell any because we drank it all ourselves.

JoDee Kenney, April 2014
Anchor, Spectrum News
Since I had the honor of being on the cover of HERLIFE Magazine in April 2014, I have continued to focus on self-improvement and lifting other women up while now being the mom of TWO teenagers and one preteen! In between minivan runs to various children’s activities, I earned my master’s in journalism with Kappa Tau Alpha honors from the University of Missouri. I now host and produce a podcast, “Success with JoDee Kenney,” highlighting amazing women from around the world. I am also blessed to still be sharing Capital Region news on television on Spectrum News and volunteering for various local charities. Thank you, Angela, and the HERLIFE crew for publishing an amazing magazine that I look forward to reading each month. It is a true privilege to be a member of the HERLIFE family!

Joan Regan Hayner, May 2014
COO, Community Care Physicians
While it’s hard to believe it’s been five years since I was featured on the cover of this fabulous magazine, it’s astonishing to think of all that has transpired for me personally and professionally. In the last five years, I have overseen the consolidation of CapitalCare Medical Group with Community Care Physicians, where I’m now the COO of this amazing multispecialty medical group practice. I have continued to pursue my passion for ballroom dance and my partner, instructor (and son-in-law) and I have danced and competed our way to the national title of Fred Astaire National Open Nine-Dance Champions. I continue to stress the importance of finding something to be passionate about that allows creative expression coupled with physical exercise to create the ultimate wellness program. For me it’s ballroom dance. My volunteer work continues with the Alliance for Positive Health, Hixny, and the Capital Region Chamber. I continue to be blessed as a mom. My daughter Elizabeth and her husband, Grey Masko, own the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Saratoga Springs, bringing the joy of dance to that community and beyond, and my son, Greg, graduated from Union College and is heading to medical school at Albany Medical College. I truly couldn’t be more proud of them all!

Nancy Fuller, September 2014
TV Personality/Judge The Food Network
You can still catch episodes of Farmhouse Rules weekdays on the Food Network. I’ve been having fun as a judge on several shows, including Season 5 of Food Network’s Spring Baking Championship and Holiday Baking Championship. I’m now in partnership with Louis Kemp Crab Delights, owned by Trident Seafoods, and have made appearances at Tioga Downs and the Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck, and have upcoming appearances with NY Kitchen, Canandaigua, and a Hudson Valley tour. Plus, in November, I will emcee a gala for hospice fundraising. I stay busy and I’m loving life!

Ann Stillman O’Leary, December 2014
Evergreen House Interiors
I’m still designing fabulous places for fabulous people, still distilling booze for the masses. Drawing up a line of furniture to be licensed. Misbehaving whenever possible. Travels that have inspired me since 2014 are Amsterdam, Africa, San Francisco and wine country, Costa Rica, Cuba, Portugal, London, Prague, Peru. Bootsie, the 1967 Morris Minor Traveller in cover photo, is currently being restored and soon to be back on the road. Her owner may need to be restored as well.

Jocelyn Arndt, January 2015
Since my HERLIFE cover, I graduated with honors from Harvard University and my brother, Chris, graduated from Harvard as well. I continue making music with my brother and our band, Jocelyn and Chris Arndt. We have been very busy. We just appeared on The Today Show in March and our new single broke into Billboard’s AAA Top 40 and reached #33, which is our second consecutive single to reach the Top 40. Our recent album also was #1 on The Jambands Top 30 Album Chart. Our single “Shame” from our last album was featured in the video game Rock Band. My brother Chris and I write all of our own music and it continues to be produced by David Bourgeois at White Lake Studios in Colonie, New York. 

Shari W. Quinn, March 2015
Since debuting on the March 2015 cover, Shari has worked diligently to maintain a great sense of happiness, peace and gratitude while continually serving others. Her commitment to empowering others compelled her to facilitate various book writing and goal-planning seminars, and host sold-out Annual Vision Board Empowerment events. With both events, attendees were equipped with the essential tools for success, resources and inspiration to push forward with their dreams. After publishing her acclaimed book, Disloyalty, Shari published four additional books: Taste!, a soulful cookbook which is currently featured on Essence Magazine’s digital magazine as number 10 on their list of 15 Awesome Cookbooks Written by Black women; the Art of Book Writing, How to Publish Your Book, and her prized inspirational book Behind the Smile which is a collection of short stories showcasing 15 courageous women who have triumphed through life’s most challenging storms. Their bravery inspired the author to share her own personal emotional story as the caretaker of her elderly mom living with dementia.

As an update to the March 2015 cover story which fueled the intriguing book Disloyalty, Shari has not been in touch with her former best friend but continues to wish her happiness. Shari now resides in Northern California where she studies Mandarin with UC Berkeley and works with the institution as their International Specialist for China.

In her spare time, Shari enjoys creating recipes to share and traveling as often as she can. In the past two years, she has traveled to China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and India; and most recently Hawai’i for her 46th birthday. She hopes to add Greece and Alaska to her travel adventures soon, and see more of the west coast. All of her books can be found on

Leah Penniman, May 2015
Co-Executive Director & Program Manager, Soul Fire Farm
Here are some highlights in the past year. I published Farming While Black: Soul Fire Farm’s Practical Guide to Liberation on the Land, which won awards from the Black Caucus of the American Library Association and Readable Feast. For the food justice work at Soul Fire Farm, we won the James Beard Leadership Award, was named to Food Tank’s 25 Food and Agriculture Leaders to Watch in 2019, the Grist 50, North Star Fund 40 for 40, and received the Hudson Valley Magazine Women in Business Award, 2018. I just finished a nationwide book tour that reached over 7,000 attendees; Taj Mahal, renowned blues artist, said he LOVES the book and requested a personal meeting. We got together last week. We continue to train and support over 1,000 black and brown farmers each year!

Julie Chapman, June 2015
Anchor, Your Morning Albany
Spectrum News is on a mission to launch more LIVE local programming.  So, I have been assigned to be the lead anchor of our morning show called Your Morning Albany. This is a LIVE 2-hour show on Spectrum News every weekday morning from 7 until 9.  Our show provides news and information in a unique way with an emphasis on what’s really important to our viewers.  It also highlights the great efforts in our community that makes the capital region a great place to live.

 On a personal note, my son just completed his first year at Binghamton University studying emergency medicine with a 3.7 GPA. My daughter is an 11th grade honor student who is rocking her soccer world being recruited now by a couple of Division One schools. My husband and I are so proud of both of them and I continue to love my “soccer mom” role!   I am still very involved with Girls Inc. and working hard to bring more attention to the awesome potential of our girls in STEM and how our local efforts are launching them on to great careers!   I also LOVE HERLIFE magazine and faithfully read it every month!

Erin Hamlin, December 2015
Olympic Medalist, Team USA Women’s Luge
Career-wise since Dec 2015, I had probably my most successful seasons as a whole in 2015 and 2016. I brought home a couple more World Championship medals in 2017 (gold in the sprint, silver in singles and team event), competed in my final Olympic Games (PyeongChang 2018), where I was flag bearer for Team USA in the opening ceremony, and retired in the summer of 2018! My boyfriend at the time of my HERLIFE cover turned into my fiancé in the summer of 2017, and in July 2018 we were married on my family’s property in upstate NY. Since his teaching job is in Minnesota, and I had not jumped into anything job-related yet, we relocated to Fargo, North Dakota, in fall 2018 but will be spending summers in NY until we decide where to end up full time. I had the opportunity to be an analyst for NBC for some luge World Cup races over the winter, which I hope to do more of in the future. USA Luge also called me in to fill a spot on the coaching staff for World Championships in January so it was a lot of fun jumping back into the luge world for a couple of weeks. I became an aunt for the first time in November 2018 and a puppy mom in March! Life has been a blur of new adventures, exciting firsts, a lot less training and slightly less travel! I am currently working for Ernst & Young through an Elite Athlete Internship program, in Learning and Development. So far it has been a great opportunity to get my feet wet in the business world and gain valuable experience outside the realm of athletics! 

Julie Bonacio, March 2016
Founder, Julie & Company Realty, LLC
Since being featured on the cover of HERLIFE Magazine, which was an amazing positive experience, I have grown my brokerage to one of the top ten in the Capital District with 21 agents. I’m very excited for this year, with several new projects being launched and announced in the near future in this amazing community we call home. Stay tuned!

Sujata N Chaudhry, June 2016
Founder & CEO, Tangible Development
At Tangible Development, a diversity and inclusion consulting company, we continue to move the needle forward in our Region by educating people at every level within an organization to integrate people to ensure an empathetic, safe, and positive work space. We work to bring diversity awareness and the teachings to create positive change in work culture have helped numerous local and global organizations leverage diversity to promote inclusive environments promoting sustainability, viability and growth. Since my debut on the HERLIFE cover in June 2016, our team has more than doubled revenue and we continue to grow in size, product depth and clients. In addition to chairing the Women’s Business Council, I have served on the boards of the Capital Region Chamber, ICCR and Girls Inc. I currently serve on the American Red Cross of NENY as Board Chair 2017-2019, Tricity Indian Association Board of Trustees, Pine Hollow Arboretum Committee, Albany Wine and Food Committee for the Arts and American Heart Association GO FOR RED Committee. I also serve as an advisor for the Tricity Indian Association youth organization and an ambassador for Women@Work. Additionally, I received the 2017 Shippensburg University Jesse S. Heiges Distinguished Alumni Award and most recently Women of Excellence 2019 for work in advancing diversity and inclusion.

Dr. Dorcey Applyrs, May 2017
Founder and CEO, InVision Her
Since being on the HERLIFE NY cover, I have been blessed to give birth to my beautiful and inquisitive daughter, Noble Lee Applyrs. Of all of the titles I wear, wife and mother are the ones I value and cherish most. My daughter inspires me to work even harder to ensure women and girls are empowered, protected and provided the opportunities to fulfill their purpose in life. I want this for my daughter and every daughter in this world! I also launched my own business, InVision Her, an unapologetic women’s empowerment lifestyle brand. This business allows me to do what I love while fulfilling my own purpose in life.

Nicole Coady, June 2017
Trident Fantasy Films, Co-founder and Executive Producer
2019 is an exciting year for me. After successfully launching The Adventures of Snow White & Rose Red on Amazon Prime TV, Snow & Rose has been re-cut into a feature film, which will screen internationally in 2020. My company, Prinroc, has expanded its production slate to include the upcoming Twelve Dancing Princesses, staring Broadway sweetheart Rachel Resheff, and a classic haunted house film I have written called In A Mirror Darkly. I have also expanded into writing, directing and producing groundbreaking immersive theatrical events for SaratogaArtsFest (now Radial Arts) and SPAC, including the All Hallows’ Eve Masquerades, La Dolce Vita Remix, and the pop-up performances at the New York City Ballet Gala. Look out for more fun Prinroc-produced pop-up immersive theatrical experiences and parties coming your way in 2020!

Michele Riggi, July 2017
Philanthropist and Animal Advocate
Since I was on the cover, in addition to be a grandmom to Juliana, who is now five, I have two additional grandbabies, Rae, who is now two, and Rhys, who was born this year. I have pulled back on my schedule and I am spending more time with my family. I am now president and director of the National Museum of Dance. Our pack is down to 25 dogs and 3 cats. Most of my animals are rescues that come to me with various health problems, so as they age we have been spending a lot of time at the vet. My oldest rescue is now 17 years old. I had a fun time the past year refurbishing an Airstream 36-foot land yacht that we keep at our place in Lake Placid and I continue to ride my motorcycles, including an Indian Scout and two Harley Softails®.

Jenna Hotaling, September 2011, December 2017
I was known as Jenna Rochelle in the beauty industry. After my first fashion cover with HERLIFE Magazine, I finished my master’s degree in mental health counseling from Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York. Upon graduation, I was hand selected by Tyra Banks to compete on the show America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 in Los Angeles, California. After the show I met my now-husband, Ryan Hotaling, in Saratoga Springs, New York. We married on September 23, 2017, at the Saratoga Polo Fields in Saratoga Springs. I was then featured on a second cover for HERLIFE Magazine as the December 2017 cover girl. I have since been featured in The Knot Magazine, Simply Weddings Magazine, and have been a feature bride on Kleinfeld Bridal’s website and social media platform. My wedding was a feature story in Saratoga Bride Magazine, and I have been featured on multiple wedding designers’ websites and social media platforms. Currently, I have a successful sales career working for Bard Peripheral Vascular selling medical devices to healthcare systems across New York State as well as Pennsylvania. I work closely with surgeons and radiologists to help provide the best care for their patients. Most recently I gave birth to our first child, Rhys William Hotaling, on February 23, 2019. Of all my abundant successes, my son and family are my single greatest accomplishment.

Jennifer Hendricks-Fogg, May 2018
Logan Strong Foundation 

As an Aflac agent and president of the Logan Strong Foundation, we were able to give away the first My Special Aflac Duck to a childhood cancer patient at Albany Medical Center. We continue to share Logan’s story and the Foundation’s Mission beyond the local Capital Region. Logan is doing fantastic! He just turned two and a half on May 18 and continues to exceed the doctors’ expectations. He is almost walking; he is taking more food by mouth and drinking on his own and his communication skills are expanding. We firmly believe that this summer his development will just explode; it’s his first summer off treatment and he is able to be around more people. He is currently on the accelerated plan to get caught up on his immunizations and we are in the process of evaluations and tours for him to start pre-school in the fall! The Logan Strong Foundation just completed the second annual Logan Cup golf tourney, thanks to our fantastic board and sponsors, and we have also just announced that we will be sponsoring the Dining Room at the first-of-its-kind Ronald McDonald House Retreat, Krantz Cottage, in Lake George, New York.

Jennifer Oneal, June 2018
Studio Head, Vicarious Visions
What’s new with me? We just moved from Menands, New York, to Colonie, New York. Obviously, the studio move was a big one. We love our space, which is built to promote collaboration and creativity. We’re working on several new games that are yet to be announced. Plus, we’ve sold over ten million units of Crash Bandicoot N’Sane Trilogy and it keeps going strong!

Elizabeth Sobol, July 2018
President & CEO, Saratoga Performing Arts Center
It’s hard to believe that almost a year has gone by since I had the honor of appearing on the HERLIFE cover! Since last July, we went through a dynamic and successful 2018 season, and planned the one that just opened. We expanded our education program; from serving 5,000 kids, we’ve grown to serving 38,000 children through the Capital Region. And two weeks ago, we unveiled the brand-new amphitheater ramps that are part of important new capital improvements to restore and enhance the SPAC campus for 21st century audiences.

Teddy Foster, December 2018
Executive Director, Universal Preservation Hal, Saratoga Springs
It was wonderful to be featured in HERLIFE Magazine in December 2018. And I am happy to report that many wonderful things have happened for me and UPH since I was on the cover. Construction at UPH continues to go well and we are on track to be completed on time. The building changes every day and I’m thrilled to say that our Grand Opening Night will be in February 2020! The HERLIFE article brought UPH many new donors who want to help us get the building finished and open! We are very close to reaching our $5.5 million capital campaign goal. On the personal side, I have a wonderful story. I absolutely adored the M Miller red jacket from Saratoga Saddlery that I wore on the cover. It was very beautiful and I was heartbroken that I couldn’t afford to buy it. In February, the most amazing thing happened. Out of the blue, I got a call from an employee of Saratoga Saddlery who asked me to come to the store because someone who wished to remain anonymous had purchased a gift for me. Upon arriving, I learned it was the beautiful red jacket with a message that said “Thank you for all you do for Saratoga.” From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for supporting me and UPH!